Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the 6th day of Christmas...

On Monday Todd and I took the day off to go to Sea World. We have season passes and it ends at Dec. 31st, so we thought we'd go one last time this year to enjoy the animal shows and the holiday decorations. We were not disappointed! They really decorated Sea World beautifully for the holidays. They had special shows for the holidays too. We always run to the sea otters when we first get there. "Tube Time" is 11:00 AM. That's when they give the otters frozen tubes of shrimps, and they bang them against rocks to get the shrimps out. It's a natural behavior for them. I love watching the otters swim around and eat. By luck, there was a rescued baby otter who was only 35 days old in the otter nursery. We got to watch her for a while and she was incredibly furry and cute! After that we headed to the Clyde & Seamore Sea Lion show. We've seen this show before, but it's still so fun, especially when "Opie the Otter" comes out! We had lunch at Shipwreck Cafe. Todd had Chicken Jambalaya and I had a shrimp and smoked salmon salad. They were both fair. You know how theme park food is. Probably a little overpriced. The best part was the breadsticks. After lunch, we headed to the "Petz Rulez" show. In our opinion, this is the best show at Sea World. They take many rescued dogs, cats, and other animals, and train them to do lots of tricks. They even get cats to walk on wires! Here's a scrapbook page I did with photos of the scenery at Sea World.
After Sea World, we headed to Pacific Beach to go to Belgian Frie! We had the large fries with parmesan peppercorn and honey mustard dipping sauces. I had been waiting MONTHS to go back and get the Belgian Hot Chocolate there. What a disappointment! It wasn't nearly as good as when we went back in April! Not only was the hot choco barely warm, but they forgot the chocolate shavings on the whipped cream! I decided that I can make a better hot chocolate than that! I was disappointed, especially after waiting so long. But I got over it because the fries were delicious!


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