Sunday, December 9, 2007

Friday Date Day

Todd and I both took Friday off from work. We had a few vacation days to spare, and sometimes we just like to take a weekday off to have some fun.  We were going to go to Sea World to see the otters and the animal show, but it was raining.  So we had to go to our backup plan.  We drove to Hillcrest to have lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant, Bai Yook.  It's the only Thai restaurant where we can get the Crispy Mock Duck Salad.  We also got Spicy Thai Fried Rice with Chicken.  We tried not to stuff ourselves, because we were going to try out a new dessert place in North Park called Heaven Sent Desserts!  We had heard good things about it, so we thought we would finally try it out. 

We ordered the Lingonberry Chocolate Cake, which the description on the menu said, "Fudge cake with Belgian dark chocolate truffle filling, Swedish lingonberry compote, and white chocolate decor."

We also had jasmine green tea to go with it.  This place really lived up to its name.  This dessert was truly delicious and fresh, and so was the brownie that we got to-go!  We'll be visiting again soon! 

After dessert, we went to the AMC movie theater in Mission Valley to catch the 2:05 PM showing of "This Christmas". 

I had seen trailers for it and it looked fun.  The movie didn't disappoint, if you're looking for a light-hearted holiday movie with a happy ending.  It was cute, touching, and funny.  We enjoyed it, even though the theater only had about 10 of us!

After the movie, we came home to have our leftovers for dinner.  Then we went to Hot Java Cafe in Carmel Mountain to see Todd's friend Christian (The Flowerthief) play music.  However, there was a mix up with the music schedule there, and Christian had already played by the time we got there.  He was so bummed (and so were we) that we missed his performance.  We did get his new CD though, which is good.  Then we went to Staples because Todd got a "Get $25 off purchase of $50" coupon.  We were there for a while, but then they closed at 9 PM (a little early for the holidays, IMO), so we left without purchasing anything since we hadn't found $50 worth of stuff.  We went next door to Borders Books & Music and listened to the live music of the night while reading magazines and eating the brownie to-go we had gotten from Heaven Sent Desserts.  I found a paper crafting magazine that had cool projects in it.

On Saturday, I did some weights, sit-ups, squats/lunges as my workout.  Then we were looking for a light lunch (ate too many desserts on Friday!), so we went to Pho Hoacali in Mira Mesa for a light Vietnamese lunch of spring rolls and chicken soup.  Then we went back to Staples and bought some pens, a laptop desk, and a headset for our cordless phone at home.  I use it for conference calls from home sometimes, and my previous headset just broke one day without warning.

After that, we headed to AJ & Meera's house to visit them and baby Andon.  Hadn't seen them in about a month!  Andon looked bigger and older, and they're doing well.  We gave them their Christmas gifts and they liked it alot! 

Saturday night Todd and I had a hot chocolate date and watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas".  We have a tradition of having Hot Chocolate Dates, because we used to do this in college.  Our first hot chocolate date was in the winter of 1990, in early March, after we both finished our last finals for the quarter.  Then I surfed around the internet looking at digital scrapbooking stuff, while Todd played on the new Wii.  I started to look into how to make animated gifs in Photoshop, but I never found the perfect tutorial yet.

Today the Chargers beat the Tennessee Titans 23-17 in overtime!  It totally looked like they were going to lose, because they played so badly.  But miraculously, they tied it up in the final minutes of the game, and went on to win in OT.

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