Saturday, December 22, 2007

On the 9th day of Christmas...

It's good to remember the reason for the season.
Christmas is nearly here! I've not been exercising as regularly as I should have been. So yesterday I did a new DVD workout called Ultimate Fat Burn. It was actually really hard for me. There were 2 strength segments and 2 cardio segments. I had to take breaks between each segment because I was huffing and puffing. There were lots of squats, lunges, jumps, etc. By the end I was so tired! Then, as expected, today I am so sore! I did some light running and heavy walking today at the coast, but my legs are pretty darn sore. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be better at it. I'll be making a workout schedule for January. Whenever I make a schedule or a list, it motivates me. Today we "freecycled" our old desk to someone who came to pick it up. We had listed this desk on Craigslist twice and got very little interest, so we decided to give it away on Freecycle. It was taking up room that we didn't have. So Todd listed it on our local freecycle yahoo group, and we got three people interested in taking the desk, and Todd chose one. They were really excited to get it. They came with a van and took it home. This was the first time we've ever "freecycled". The sky was so clear and blue today! On our way out to go running, we could actually see the ocean from the end of our street! That's pretty rare, for the sky to be so clear all the way out to the coast. I love this time of year because every magazine, newspaper, tv show, and other media come up with their "Best Of" lists for the year. Of course, being listgirl (I love making lists), I love to read through them. I will leave you with Time magazine's lists. First, why do we go list-crazy at the end of the year? Then, here is Time magazine's 50 Top Lists. Enjoy!


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