Thursday, November 29, 2007

Living life out of the box

Remember when we evacuated from the fires in October? I still have all my keepsakes packed in boxes in the living room. When we first got back, I kept them there because I was afraid we'd have to evacuate again. Then I got lazy about putting stuff back where they belong. Then, I got a little worried that after I put the things back to their places, I would forget where they were and forget to get them should we ever need to evacuate again. So, I need to make a list of where things are, for evacuating purposes. This led me to wonder today... the concept of living life out of the box. If we put all our best stuff, our most valuable stuff, in boxes all the time, and don't take them out and enjoy them, why would they be our most valuable stuff? Shouldn't we take them out and enjoy them, and share them with our loved ones? Maybe we fear that if we took them out of the box, they would get broken, misplaced, etc. But isn't it better to surround yourself with stuff you love and treasure, rather than have them stored in boxes? Hmm... this could also be an analogy for our hearts. Lots of times we don't want to open up our hearts to share with others, because it's safer to just keep it in our hearts. But sometimes it's worth it to open it up and bring it out to share with others, even if it stands a chance of being broken. Deep. Deep. Stuff.
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