Friday, September 7, 2012

In August…


August 2012 will be remembered as very hot and humid.  We’ve never had to had the A/C on for such a long period of time, since moving to San Diego at the end of 1999. 

  • I managed to run 38 miles despite the heat.  My goal is to run 366 miles in 2012 and I have run 300 miles at the end of August. 
  • Walked an additional 5 miles.  Not very much.  The heat & humidity did not make me want to take my usual walking breaks at work.
  • I spent only 7 hours and 59 minutes exercising, which is my lowest month this year by far.  Running isn’t enough, I need to put more exercise time in.
  • We took 499 photos.  Not bad, but it is the least number of photos taken in a month in 2012.
  • We watched movies at the theater. Superhero movies.  The Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” was fantastic.  “The Amazing Spiderman” was good too, but not as great as Batman.
  • I started back up reading “The Help” after putting it down for a few months. 
  • Todd went to Denver for five days, visiting his “little brother” and attending a family wedding
  • I stayed home due to work schedule.  Noodle took good care of me, and I went to the Chargers Fan Fest with AJ & Meera. 
  • We went to the Phil’s BBQ tailgate and Padres vs Cubs baseball game at Petco Park.  Met up with some friends and it was so much yum and fun. 
  • They replaced the carpet at work and the brown/orange retro carpet does not go with the gray cubicles. Ugly!
  • We went running at the coast a couple of times. It seemed the coast was the only place cool enough to run!
  • We tried out a new restaurant called The Kabob Shop and it was yummy.
  • Todd continued his high-mileage cycling training, gearing up for his first century (112 miles) ride in September.
  • I bought the Arc discs and paper punch at Staples and made notebooks and mini-books with it.
  • Totally re-organized my side of the home office.  So much work but so worth it.
  • I went to a crop at Ever After with some of the members of the Studio Calico kit club.  It was our second crop together and it was so much fun! 
  • The layout I made at the crop ended up being picked for the Studio Calico August kit “Summer of 69” member picks video.  I love the song they used for it!
  • We went to Bernardo Winery to see a big band concert.  Wine, sunset, and jazz is a great combination!
  • We went to the House Of Blues downtown to see our friends J Turtle and Pete Thurston play music. Out on a “school night”!
  • We made s’mores.

And just like that, summer was over.  August was more laid back and we didn’t do as much.  But what we did was enjoyable.  I’m excited for football returning in September and cooler weather.


  1. Always love this post! (even though it makes me are one busy woman!)

    YAY for FOOTBALL!!


    I'm really, really tired of the Southern gal's Summer frizz hairstyle.

  2. I totally thought of you on Monday night when we watched the GA Tech vs VA Tech game with some VA Tech friends!

  3. Can someone please stop the year from flying by sooooo quickly? It feels like we're zooming through the months at warp-speed ... I swear it was only a few days since you posted your July summary!!!!

  4. You do such a great job of recapping your months! :)

  5. Makes me smile to see you write about humidity and air conditioning. My AC stays on from March - early October here in Tennessee!


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