Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cute Stuffs

My site was down for a couple of days because we switched my domain registration from Go Daddy to another place.  Hopefully everything is good to go now.  That’s part of the reason I haven’t blogged the last few days.  The other reasons are due to being super-busy with both work and personal life.

It has finally cooled off here in San Diego, but the last couple of weeks has been SO hot!  This was Friday night, 9/14, at 8pm!
It was so unusual for San Diego to STAY hot after the sun went down already.  During the day that day, even the wind was really hot.  It was weird.  I’ve lived here for 13 years and I’ve never experienced such high temps and such a long heat wave before.  This was Sunday on the drive back from Los Angeles!
Fortunately, this was driving on I-15 through Escondido.  Once we arrived into our neighborhood, it was down to 85 degrees.  I love that we get coastal breeze!

Two Saturdays ago while we were watching Ohio State football, Noodle decided to climb into the box of clothes that I’m donating to Goodwill.

He stayed in there for a long time!  Later I found him like this.  He’s such a funny cat!  :)

On Sunday 9/16, I went to visit my friend Sally.  I hadn’t seen her twin babies in a couple of months!  They look so much bigger and older!  Here’s Johnny.

And Nina.

Sally and I got to have lunch out while her mom babysat the twins.  We had a nice time chatting!  It was the first time we went out alone after the babies arrived in March.

That same Sunday afternoon, we picked up Madeline, a friend’s daughter, and went to La Jolla to see the sights and for dinner.  Madeline is a new hire at my company.  I used to work for her dad.  Can’t believe she’s old enough to start a career now!  (And THAT made me feel old, LOL!) 

As usual, La Jolla was gorgeous.



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