Monday, September 17, 2012

Paper Layout | Jump For My Love

On Saturday I got to play with my new Studio Calico September kit, "Central High", which came last week.  I unpacked it into my melamine tray from Target.  The papers and bigger sheets of embellishments go directly into the tray, while the smaller embellishments go into bowls so I can keep track of them and access them easily.

I'm taking a class at Studio Calico this month called "Pop Off The Page".  It's a month-long class about layering techniques on a layout.  Layering is pretty easy on digital scrapbooking pages.  You don't have to think about sequence because you can move the layers around in Photoshop to your liking, whenever you want in the process.  In digital, there's nothing to glue down.  However, layering in paper scrapbooking is a whole different animal.  You have to plan ahead and think about what is going to be on top of what.  The main thing I learned about layering in paper scrapbooking is that you need to put the adhesive somewhere in the middle of your papers and not on the edges.  I used to adhere things down by putting adhesive on the corners or edges of the paper.  Well, that doesn't allow you to tuck other papers and elements in behind it.  So now I've learned to put the adhesives in the middle of the papers.  I also just lay things down and move them around the page first, without gluing anything down.  Once I get a feel of where things are going to go, I take a photo of it so I don't forget.

Then I start adhering things down.  Sometimes I work from top to bottom.  Sometimes bottom to top.  I didn't take any more process photos of this page, since I was engrossed in it.  Basically, after I took a photo of the general layout of my page, I took everything off and put my chevron mask down and sprayed with Mister Huey mist in Bonnie Blue.  Then I glued some papers down, leaving the edges clear so I could tuck more papers in.  The layers behind the photo I adhered tops down, with the photo first.  Then I tucked in more embellishments and did my title and journaling.  By the way, I adore the blue tandem bicycle paper on the left.  It is called "Encinitas" from the American Crafts Shoreline collection.  Encinitas is a seaside town right north of San Diego, and I go running there along the coast quite a bit.  One of my favorite towns on the coast around here.

Here are more detailed views of my page.


I had so much fun creating this page.  It took about 2 hours from start to finish, including unpacking my kit and cleaning up my work surface so I could get started.  It was a nice creative break on a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. That came out really cute! Nice work! I'm still intimidated by paper scrapping, but every now and then I do a digital layout.

  2. Nice! Love the tip to adhere in the middle so you can keep layering. Thoughts on the glitter tape? I have been eyeing it...

  3. I love the glitter tape, it rocks! I got a package of many colors, but each is a small roll.

  4. Love your page!! And I'm always so jealous of your instagrams of your scrapbooking/supplies...everything you do is so pretty!


  5. This is a great layout. How do you temporarily adhere your mask before spraying?

  6. Hi Toni - I don't adhere the mask down before spraying. It is made of fairly sturdy plastic so it lays down on the paper pretty well. :)

  7. Congrats on your 18th wedding anniversary!

    Very cute page. I tried to get my husband to do the jump and he 'wussed' out. haha.

    LOVE the wood veneer bike....have to get them.


  8. Awesome page! The layers look awesome and I love the title

  9. Love your 'tray-system';-) Great pic and fun page!

  10. What was the place where you ordered tags? Farm something? Have glitter tape coming with my corner chomper this week!


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