Thursday, August 16, 2012

All By Myself

From Wednesday 8/1 to Sunday 8/5, Todd went to Denver to visit his “little brother” Aaron (from when he volunteered as a Big Brother for Big Brother / Big Sisters), and also to attend his cousin Becca’s wedding.  He was the pianist for the prelude and ceremony, and he played in a band with his parents for the reception.  I didn’t go because the beginning of the month is always very busy for me at work and I was not able to take any days off.

So I stayed home by myself and took care of Noodle.  And I cooked food that Todd wouldn’t eat, ha ha.  Such as this Bucatini with Mushrooms. Todd does not eat mushrooms, ever.  So I took the opportunity to cook a bunch of it while he was gone. I used button mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms.  


Sauteed with butter and fresh-pressed garlic.


After adding cream and cooked pasta in.  I used whole wheat fettucini.

Yummy in my belly!

On Wednesday night I watched a lot of Olympics.  Well, every night when Todd was gone I watched a lot of Olympics.  The first couple of days, Noodle noticed Todd was gone and he meowed at me incessantly, as if to say, “Where’s my favorite hooman? You know, the one I love the most? Where is he???” 

Noodle and I on the couch, watching the Olympics. He loved the equestrian events.

Todd and I used FaceTime every night to talk to each other.  I used my iPod Touch and he used his new Macbook Pro.  It worked pretty well.

On Thursday I made a detour after work and stopped by Nothing Bundt Cakes on the way home and got myself a mini red velvet bundt cake.  It was delicious!

On Friday night, I heard some noises on the hill behind our house and was scared. It sounded like people walking around up there, but after observing for a while I think it was animals. I was still very unsettled. Noodle came into the bedroom, climbed onto the bed, and snuggled in right against me and started purring. It was as if he knew I was in distress and tried to comfort me, because he NEVER climbs onto our bed, ever. I felt better immediately. He left after snuggling with me for a couple of hours. So strange how Noodle knew I was scared and came to comfort me.  Our old cat Petey used to somehow know when I was upset, scared, hurt, or crying. He used to come over and put his paw on me, as if it were a little pet to say, "It's ok". So weird. How do they know??  Whatever sense cats have, I was grateful that Noodle took good care of me! 

On Saturday I went to the San Diego Chargers Fan Fest with our good friends AJ and Meera.  They came to pick me up and we drove down to Qualcomm Stadium for the free event.

We sat in AJ & Meera’s normal season ticket holder seats.

Andon smiling for the camera.

Practice started!

Meera’s sister Shona and her little boy came too.  We walked down closer to see the action.

Hee hee, #73 was not fully participating in the stretching!


The players lined up against the fence and shook hands with the fans.

One of my besties.  I just love her.


A couple of the players were nice enough to come over and sign autographs after practice was over.


After Fan Fest, we went to In N Out Burger for lunch.  Yummy!

On Sunday afternoon, I went to pick up Todd from the airport.  I was so excited to see him!  I did ok on my own, but life is so much better with him around.  I missed him and so did Noodle!


  1. Great to hear that Noodle took such good care of you while Todd was away. Amazing all that pets sense. The Chargers Fan Fest looked like a lot of fun.

  2. Sounds like you had incredible week! I have 4 cats, but I have one that just knows when to come and be with me when I'm scared or upset! They are such a comfort to me! And yum on that fabulous mushroom dish!! How can someone not love a mushroom or eat them??

  3. Sweet Noodle! My doggies do the same thing..always know when someone is sick or upset..pets are awesome!

    The mushroom dish looks delish!

    And..look at you at fan fest! You rock.


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