Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Please Don’t Feed The Sea Lions

On Saturday 9/8, we got to go to Sea World for free via Todd’s company picnic.  Funnily enough, my company picnic is also at Sea World later in the month.  I had signed up to go way back, then we found out about Todd’s company doing a Sea World picnic as well.  We decided to go to Todd’s, so I gave my tickets up for someone else to use. 

Thank goodness it was not an incredibly hot day. We got there around 12:30, after watching the Ohio State Buckeyes beat Central Florida 31-16 at home. Parking was free for us and we got in pretty easily without any traffic.
The picnic was at the Garden Plaza. 

They had chicken fajita tacos, hamburger, potato salad, regular salad, cookies, soft drinks, and beer. We found a table where Roby and Dejah were sitting and sat down to eat.  Todd's friend Molly and her husband Preston was also there at the table. 

After lunch, we walked over to the sea otter tank to see the otters.  There were only two of them swimming around.  The sea otter exhibit is my favorite at Sea World.


They played and we saw them eat shrimp while swimming on their backs. A while later two people came out and fed them more food, looked like abalones.

Pardon the reflection.  It was very tough to take pictures through the glass.
We went by the baby otter nursery and didn't see any babies.  :(

We saw the dolphin tank nearby as well. 


We went to see the sea lion feeding area, but there was no feeding at that time.

They were just frolicking.

I saw an eagle, which was cool.

This napping pair of sea lions cracked me up.

As did this trio.


After that, we went to the Pets Rulez show.  It's our favorite show at Sea World.  Every time we go we have to see it. 


I can't believe they can train dogs and cats to do so many tricks!  Well, and pigs even!

The most amazing being the cat who climbs up way high and jumps down onto the woman's shoulders.  And the cat that walks the high wire.

After the show, we walked around a little bit and left for home around 3:40.  It was the perfect amount of Sea World.  We used to have season passes to Sea World and we would just go for a couple of hours each time, see a show or some animals, and leave.  I really like Sea World, but only a little at a time, LOL!  :)

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