Tuesday, September 4, 2012

House of Blues On A School Night

Knock, knock! Anyone still here?  Our lives have been consumed with end-of-summer fun, and also my-shoulders-and-back-hurts-so-I-stayed-away-from-my-computer-all-weekend. 

Last Tuesday, 8/28, we had the pleasure of seeing our friends J Turtle and Pete Thurston play music downtown at the House Of Blues. We drove down there on a school night even!  There was another concert downstairs at the HOB, which made finding a parking spot difficult. After parking at a $15 lot down the street, we got in the House Of Blues around 6:40 and had dinner there.

Lots of low-lighting photos.  HOB likes to keep it dim!

I had the cob salad.  Most definitely NOT health food, LOL.  But the thick bacon was oh-so-yummy.

Todd had steak salad.

Jason Yamaoka (J Turtle) during his set. 


Pete’s band Channel, with drummer Noah Heldman.  Todd and Noah know each other from being nerdy IT geeks.  Such a small world that Pete knows him too.  Not only that, but Noah is friends with my high school friends Sally & Stacy.  So weird!

The incomparable Pete Thurston.

Pete’s wife Cass and baby Kate came and sat with us at our table.  As did Jen.

Cass took a photo of us.  She had just said something funny and then took our photo.  No wonder we were smiling big.

Another photo of Pete and the Channel band.

So glad for the opportunity to step out on a week night and enjoy some good music with good friends. Todd is itching to play in a band again!


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