Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Football Is Back

Around here, football is back in a big way.

That means waking up on Saturday mornings and watching ESPN College Gameday in bed.  So awesome.

That means going to Dejah & Roby’s house to watch the first Buckeye game of the season on 9/1 versus Miami of Ohio on the Big Ten Network.


It means a last minute get-together with Anne & Gilbert on Labor Day to watch the first game of the season for their beloved VA Tech.  With pizza.

It means Todd sitting in his favorite new lounger/rocker, watching the Buckeyes defeat Central Florida.

It also means that I’m making lots of progress on the chevron afghan while watching football.

Around here, football is back in a big way.


  1. i love love love that afghan. i keep seeing this chevron pattern pop up... is this a difficult pattern? i keep wanting to learn how to crochet, but i haven't found a pattern i felt comfortable picking up & trying... what do you think? :)

  2. Hi Kristy!

    It's not a difficult pattern at all. This is my 3rd chevron afghan since learning to crochet 20 years ago. I made my first one when I learned, right away. This pattern is in a book that I bought back then called "Learn to Crochet". It's out of print now. I've seen many similar patterns on Pinterest. Here's my Pinterest board:

  3. Two weeks ago David said he was going to boycott football this season. I couldnt have been happier! But that didnt last. I couldnt have been sadder. :oP He is against having a TV in the bedroom (my tube tv broke and he doesnt' want me to get a new one) so with all the sports on day after day I've barely gotten to watch tv in a few weeks. Weekends are the worst. It seems like there is never NOT a game on during waking hours. Boo hoo hoo. I might go buy a 2nd tv on the sly. shhh :)

  4. We have Noodle proudly displayed at my office. So glad to hear he still relates to us little people. And Crest Cafe is literally around the corner from my office. The lemon pancakes are my current favorite!

  5. Your blanket looks so cool!


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