Monday, August 27, 2012

August Crop At Ever After

Back at the end of June, I attended my first ever crop.  It was a meetup of the Studio Calico girls at Ever After Scrapbooks in Vista.  When another one was organized for Sunday, August 26th, I signed up.  I had so much fun with the women I met last time, I knew I wanted to do it again.  And now that I know what to expect, it's less intimidating to go to a crop!  I even have a crop packing checklist now in Evernote!  :)

Yesterday morning I picked out some photos in Lightroom and printed them out to take to the crop.  The sheet of 20 square photos are 2" each.  You'll see what I plan to do with those.  :p

I bought a rolling crate at Office Depot on Thursday for $25.  I need it to haul my crop supplies around. Fitting everything into this rolling crate is the best thing ever.  Now I won't have to bring my shoulder bag and another bag.

The crop started at 11am and I got there around 11:30.  Some of the girls (Donna, Sam, and Kelly) were there already.  I picked a spot and started trimming my photos.

Work-in-process.  I started putting my 2 inch square photos into my Avery slide protector

Kelly and Kristen sitting across from me.  They were both at the crop last time.  I met Kristen at the Amy Tan class at Paper Tales in May

Pearl sat next to me.  She was at the crop in June also.  Such a fun lady!  And I totally coveted her Artbin divided satchel box.  So fun to see how everyone organizes their crafty supplies!

A view of our space.

The start of my layout.  I have commitment issues and I never glue everything down until I've placed everything on my page and moved them around a million times. :p

I liked this general arrangement, so I took this photo to help me remember it when I take everything off put adhesive on!

Start of my second layout.  Fueled by Fritos corn chips.  The crop cost $20 and includes a lunch of submarine sandwiches, chips, and soft drinks.

Zack (owner Camille's son) took a group photo of us.  Love how it turned out!

Here's my finished layout.  It is about our trip to Santa Barbara in June to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.  :)




This is what I ended up getting done in 4 hours, LOL.  I guess I chatted more than I scrapped.  But that's my reason to go to the crop.  Any layouts I get done is a bonus! :D

I used post-it notes to remind me about my journaling.  Those slots will be filled with papers, embellies, and journaling.


I had so much fun spending the afternoon with these creative women.  I can't wait for the next crop in October!  :)

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun! I've always wanted to attend a crop...maybe someday I will have the time to find one in my area.


  2. Love those layouts! And I love that you say any completed projects are a bonus.

  3. Looks like fun! I have attended one crop in my life, yikes!. I use to invite a few co-workers to my house to crop. It was fun but I never got much done. Im the only one left out of that group. Maybe I need to go off site and try again.

  4. I really miss going to crops! love the work you did at it!

  5. Oh man! this looks like so much fun! Which I lived across the ocean so I could join in sometime:-( Love the LO you made at the crop! So fun&cute!

  6. Great layouts and it looks like a really funny crop!


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