Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Smashing Good Time

This is my 978th post on this blog. Which means, in a few weeks, I will be posting my 1,000th post! I'm brainstorming ideas for a giveaway to celebrate my 1,000th blog post, so stay tuned for that! :)

Back on Wednesday last week, it was the 5th meeting of our Asian Food Club. We met at a Thai restaurant called Siam Nara. For a recap and photos, please visit Todd's blog.

On Friday evening we went to the grand-opening party of a new Smashburger, in our neighborhood! Smashburger is one of my favorite burger joints. A few weeks ago, Todd had spied a sign on the window of the building in the same shopping center where we do our grocery shopping. It said that Smashburger was coming! At that time, he came home and told me, "There's good news and bad news. The good news is I saw a sign that said Smashburger is opening a location a mile from our house. The bad news is Smashburger will be a mile from our house." Ha ha, how true. We love the burgers and the only saving grace before was we didn't go as often as we would probably have liked to, due to the fact that the closest one was in Del Mar.

Anyways, I was excited, so I took to Twitter and tweeted @SmashburgerSD how excited I was that they were opening a restaurant in my neighborhood. A few weeks later, when they finalized their opening date (August 6th), they tweeted me and invited me to the grand-opening party the day before on August 5th. Now that is using social media in an awesome way! I love how they remembered the people in the neighborhood who were excited, and invited them to the grand-opening party, with FREE food and music too! We invited our friends Anne and Gilbert to come along for the smashing celebration, because I knew they would be excited since they live in the same neighborhood too.

A Smash-mobile!

Walking in to order.

The staff, looking at orders and waiting for the food to come out.

Our food!

Clockwise from top left:  Gilbert's BBQ, Bacon burger, and Cheddar; Anne's San Diego burger; my Spicy Baja burger; Todd's Classic no cheese burger.

We had a great time and the food was awesome. I foresee that Smashburger will be a huge success in our neighborhood. Now if only I have more will power. I told Todd that we should run the 1.2 miles to and from Smashburger, so that at least we get the exercise on the way there and back! :)


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