Sunday, August 28, 2011

He Swam A Mile

On Friday evening Todd and I went to La Jolla Cove for his second open water swim this summer, in preparation for his triathlon next month.  This time he planned to swim a mile, or about 30 minutes. 

Arriving at the cove.  There were lots of swimmers going out for a swim with the San Diego triathlon club.

Heading out to the ocean.

Going down the stairs.  I think it’s cool how the water looks to be a different color than last week. 

Todd in the water, looking back at me before starting his swim.

And there he went.

Once again I watched followed his progress with my eyes as he swam out.  I only lost sight of him right before the half-mile buoy, because he was too small and my eyes couldn’t track him anymore.  I looked back at the cove and captured this awesome scene.

And I took a self portrait.

I walked back in time to catch a couple of photos of Todd coming out of the water, right around 30 minutes.  He did so well!


Glad to see him on land again.

We walked together out of La Jolla Cove, right as the sun was setting.

Then we walked right to Burger Lounge for a well-deserved burger for Todd.  He was so hungry!


  1. Great silhouette shots of the cove and trees. Sometimes you need to look behind us for some spectacular shots that may be missed. Swimming in the wide open ocean is so much harder than a pool. My husband always talks about doing the triathlon here in Hawaii but is afraid of the swim.


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