Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Run in Two Weeks

On Saturday morning Todd and I headed out to Lake Miramar for a run. Well, I ran and he walked. He has been nursing a myriad of injuries these past two weeks. First he sprained his ankle. Then he strained his other calf while swimming last Thursday. No, it wasn't just a cramp, but a strain. So he was hurting a little bit and could only walk. The story wasn't much better for me. I had been getting over my sinus infection for two weeks as well, so this was my first run in over two weeks. I was glad to find out that my legs still worked and I was able to run 2.64 miles in 30 minutes. I did feel like I was huffing and puffing more than usual though. But that always improves with more training. What did I expect after not running for over two weeks? :p

Todd at the start of the walk.

The view in the middle of my run.

After running, we went to Chile Peppers, our favorite Mexican restaurant nearby, for lunch. I tried out the potato taquitos.

While Todd went with his tried and true carnitas burrito.

We stopped by Costco in the afternoon to stock up on fresh fruits. Todd loves the churros there, so he had to get one.

Besides a box of 12 white nectarines, we also got a boatload of cherries and raspberries. Todd washed all the cherries and raspberries and left them out to dry.

Then he bagged them so that we would have snack-sized servings to take to work.

We have gotten into the habit of eating fruit as our afternoon snack now, and it's great.

I found Noodle in many different places on Saturday. When I first got up in the morning, he really wanted to play with me. He loves to play between the staircase banister.

Then after Costco, we came home to find him on the blankets on the chair. This was a new place for him.

Then later in the day, he napped on the perch, his usual favorite place.

I spent a lot of time Saturday updating my Project Life album. I'm all caught up to Aug 12th now, and I'll share my pages later this week. :)

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  1. Sweet pictures of Noodle..I like the one on the stairs.

    What a great idea on the fruit baggies. I think I'll try it this weekend.


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