Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chronicles of Scaredy Cat

On Wednesday Todd and I worked from home because the jacuzzi fixing guy was coming. We hadn't used our jacuzzi in a few years. We finally decided we want to get the jacuzzi serviced so we could start using it again. We also bought a new, better-fitting cover for it, so hopefully this time it will be more energy efficient. Anyways, the point is that the jacuzzi guy was coming.

When Andy the Jacuzzi Guy arrived in the backyard, Noodle ran off his perch and went hiding on the stairs. Poor thing. He was so scared of intruders in the backyard!

Noodle hid on the top of the staircase so he could survey what's going on.

Remember a few weeks ago I told you how he jumped down from the landing on top of the stairs to the tile floor below?  The big orange arrow shows his trajectory.  So I outsmarted him and now I've got a baby gate up there so he can't jump down anymore.

Noodle stayed up there the whole time that Andy the Jacuzzi Guy was here. Miraculously, two minutes after Andy left, Noodle appeared in the kitchen area again, eating his food. Poor scaredy cat.


  1. Noodle's eyes really couldn't get much wider, could they? Poor scardy cat! Oh and I love your winding staircase Christine ... it's so dramatic!!!

  2. I showed Quent these pics of Noodle. We couldn't believe he would be so daring to jump that far down! No wonder you have the baby gate blocking the railing. Whew! We were cracking up! Cats are hilarious! I think Noodle is such a cool cat!

  3. what a cutie, love some of your everyday kinds of post, you will look back on it and remember this day exactly the way it was.

  4. Noodle is missing out, man. My cats both molest the repair men. I'm constantly like "Sorry about that cat that's practically humping your leg right now - so how much is it going to cost to fix the dryer?"


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