Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Dishes of Happiness

On Sunday we had a lunch date with Monika and David at Do Re Mi House, a Korean restaurant that we had never been to before. Monika and David wanted to try Korean BBQ and she found this was the most well-reviewed one on Yelp. This would have been my New 52 experience this week, were it not for something else popping up yesterday.

So we met up with Monika and David at the restaurant. It was at a location where there was parking! Hurray! Parking can sometimes be a problem in San Diego, for sure. I liked the simple decor and clean interiors. And these cool glasses for water.

The food was tasty!

I love the little side dishes that Korean restaurants always bring with your meal! In this case, they brought 10 little side dishes!  Todd got the bulgogi beef.  Monika and I both got the dol sot bibimbap (assorted veggies, egg, and beef with rice in a hot stone bowl), and David got short ribs.  I think everyone enjoyed their food pretty well, although Korean food is not Todd's favorite.

At the end of the meal, Monika had to imitate the Domo shirt that I gave her for her birthday. Ha ha!

In the afternoon, Todd sanded, stained, and varnished our front door. He has to do this every year because our front door faces the west and gets a lot of San Diego sun on it and fades very fast. Here's the before.

And the after.

He did an awesome job!

Then we ate in for dinner. Todd made Spicy Beef and Tofu Salad, one of my favorite dinner salads that we make. So yummy!

I took yesterday off from work because every month I have to take a couple of days off or else I bump up against my maximum vacation accrual of four weeks and they stop giving me more vacation days. I hung out at home and scrapbooked in my craft studio. And tracked Noodle's whereabouts.

He's not supposed to be on the kitchen counter, but I found him there on TWO different instances. Sigh.


  1. He looks quite comfortable on his counter perch! Ha! Kitties are so funny like that! I love the pics you share of him!

  2. I always feel so speical when I make the blog! I didnt' realize Todd wasn't a big fan of Korean food. David thought it was just so-so. :( At least you and I enjoyed the food! And the little dishes are totally the best part! Thanks for meeting us!

  3. dol sot bibimbap is my favorite korean dish too! Todd, great job on the door.

  4. I always end up feeling hungry whenever I read your blog [must make a mental note to eat before reading. LOL]. Your front door is FABULOUS! I love the ornate carving and beautiful glass work ... A-MAZ-ING!!!


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