Monday, August 15, 2011

Cooking | Crunchy Asian Slaw

On Friday night we made Crunchy Asian Slaw for dinner. I've made this several times before for ourselves and for parties, and every single time it is delicious and so well-received. It had been a while since we've made it, so we were excited to eat this again. It's so easy too!

I modified the recipe by adding toasted sliced almonds instead of pecans. I also modified the dressing so that it's 3/4 of the amount in the recipe, and even less oil than that proportionally. This cuts the calories a little bit, but tastes just as great.

I love that this recipe is made of broccoli stem instead of cabbage. It just tastes better to me. Todd grilled some chicken and we added it in to make it into a meal.

And we had sparkling limeade from Trader Joe. Not only was it yummy, the label on it is super-awesome! I just love the design.

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  1. followed the link from your most recent post for this recipe, and then followed your link in this one for the recipe... but it's not available! :( it sounds super yummy would you share the recipe!? :) please!?! :)


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