Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Macaroni Club

I processed so many photos tonight.  I guess I hadn’t processed photos since Friday night, and I’ve taken so many photos since then.  I had to get the photos uploaded from my small Canon SD850 IS, the big Canon T2i, my Blackberry phone, and my iPod.  Seeing all the photos make me happy.  So many blog topics and stories to share.  I love seeing the photos together in Lightroom and see the stories develop.  :)

Our Saturday was so full of fun! 

First of all, we woke up at 9:10 AM, which means I got over 8.5 hours of sleep.  That is always good.  I got up and had cereal breakfast + iced coffee.  I uploaded my Project Life photos to Costco.  Then I looked around on Pinterest.  By the time I noticed it was so late and went to change to running clothes, it was 11:20 AM and too hot to run at Lake Miramar.  So I suggested to Todd that we go to lunch first, go to Road Runner Sports to get my free pair of shoes that I won in a Girls On The Run raffle, then go to Costco to pick up my photos and buy fruits.  Then I would run by myself later in the afternoon. 

We found prime parking right in front of Nozomi.  The good parking karma continued!  I got the Hawaiian roll and Todd got spicy tuna tempura roll, the one he always gets. 
Everything was yummy.  I finally asked the waiter what’s the huge salad that I always see people order, and he said it's called "chirashi salad".  Everyone always gets it when they go there, so I'm totally going to try it next time!  After lunch we went to get a boba tea.  Tea Station has totally be remodeled!  They took over the space next door that used to be yogurt.  Now it's twice as big and the boba tea comes out so much faster than before.  I guess we hadn't been there in so long that they remodeled and we didn't even know!

Then we headed to Road Runner Sports.  I was a little nervous because my certificate for the free shoes that I had won from the Girls On The Run raffle expired on 8/15.  I asked them if I can still use it and they said yes.  I was so excited!  I had done research on the Nike website and the shoe I wanted to try on and buy is the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6.  It fit pretty perfectly and I even ran on the treadmill with it in my skirt! 

Then we went to Costco and Todd got a churro.  I went in and picked up my photos.  I saw that they're selling the Canon T2i body, 2 lenses (18-55mm and 55-250mm), a camera bag, a 4GB card, plus HDMI cable and other stuff for only $849!  What a sweet deal!  Wish that deal was available when we were buying it a year ago!  We picked out some awesome blueberries and white nectarine, and some french green beans, and checked out. 

In the afternoon, I went over Handmade Christmas ideas with Todd and we made a list of family/friends and what we’re making for them as gifts.  I need to order the materials soon so we can start making them during college football and NFL football on the weekends!  So excited!

At around 4:45 PM Todd went grocery shopping and I went for a run around the neighborhood.  I ran 2 miles in 23 minutes and it was hot out still.  Then I took a shower and we went to dinner at Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest.  We hadn't been there in YEARS!
It was very crowded but we found a table with people leaving so we were able to sit down.  I got one slice of pesto pizza and one slice pepperoni and sausage pizza. 
Both of Todd's slices were pepperoni and sausage.  It was pretty good pizza.  I liked my pesto slice better than the pepperoni & sausage one.  Todd and I had the same opinion that there needed to be more spicy red pizza sauce for it to be perfect. 

After dinner we drove to Eclipse Chocolat in North Park so that Todd can get some dark chocolate to include in his charity chocolate-tasting that he's holding to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life.  
We got a chocolate bar and a chocolate ganache salted caramel cupcake.  The cupcake was super-messy to eat but SO delicious.  We took a couple of bites but it was so messy that we decided to bring it home to eat with a fork.  Again we parked right out front! 

Then we drove to Monica's At The Park,  where Todd’s musican/producer friend Aaron Bowen's Macaroni Club was held.  It's local artists, crafts and handmade things, and singer/songwriters all in the same place.  Plus food and coffee.   
We chatted with Aaron and looked at some arts & crafts, and listened  to a couple of musicians.





Todd and Aaron.

So that was the first time we’d ever been to the Macaroni Club.  It was pretty neat!  I had a lot of fun on Saturday!


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