Sunday, June 12, 2011

Will Run for Pad Thai

I'm so happy to be running regularly again! This week was the first time that I got up early to run three mornings during the weekday. Then I ran by the beach yesterday, so I got FOUR runs in this week! I'm so happy! I feel like my legs finally are normal again after injuring the IT band in my right leg after the Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon last year. The injury really was from running long mileage non-stop for about a year and a half. We started running with a running club back in January 2009 to train for the inaugural Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon in June 2009. After that we continued running with the running club for a year. It was just too much running. Little did I know my legs wouldn't fully recover until a year later after the June 2010 half marathon. It's funny how your perspective changes after an injury. Now I'm so happy to be able to run 3 miles without aggravating my legs.

We ran in Cardiff yesterday. I took a break at San Elijo State Beach campsite to take some photos with my phone camera. It was a cloudy day and the air was very thick and muggy.

We ran into Gloria at the beginning of our run, so Todd ran with her going the other direction. Todd and Gloria are about the same pace, while I am slower. Todd and I never actually run "together". We start at the same place, run for the same number of pre-determined minutes, and end up at the same place, but we run on our own at our own pace. Anyways, we met Gloria when we ran with the West Coast Road Runners. Then I found out she's a scrapbooker too and that's totally awesome! :)

After we finished running, we went to Beach City Cafe and had lunch. I had the "Sun of the Beach" breakfast sandwich. (I just love the name, LOL.)

And a refreshing diet coke.

Todd had his usual fish taco and carne asada taco. He doesn't do breakfast food.

We did a bunch of other stuff in the afternoon, including baking some special cookies for our friend Monika's birthday. That's for another post. :)

In the evening, we were invited to dinner at Randy and Rena's new house. Dejah and Roby were invited too. Rena made their own version of Pad Thai noodles and it was yummo!

Roby, Dejah, Rena, Randy, and me.

Todd in a photo as well.

After dinner we sat in the living room and chatted. It was a fun evening and it was fun to hang out with friends and see Randy and Rena's new place.  Definitely a great way to spend Saturday night!


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