Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunshine + Ocean + Running

I think the post title says it all! We feel so very blessed to live in "America's Finest City". Yesterday was a day to go outside and take advantage of the blue skies, sunshine, ocean views, and perfect temperatures in the 70's!

Almost every Friday night, Todd and I will come up with a game plan for the weekend, combining a list of chores and to-do's with some exercise and some fun mixed in. So this past Friday we couldn't really come up with something fun, which is sort of ironic because we do live in San Diego after all. Then it suddenly dawned on me that we could run somewhere else that isn't our normal route. This idea killed two birds with one stone, because then it's not just exercising, it's fun too! We came up with the idea to run along the waterfront by Tom Ham's Lighthouse, then have lunch at Point Loma Seafoods, our favorite seafood restaurant in San Diego.

Todd all geared up to run 4 miles.

Our view during our run: The San Diego skyline and Coronado Bridge.

I stopped to take a photo midway through my run. Such pretty views!

I got back to the car before Todd, so I occupied myself with creative shots of how I could convey the fun of running by the ocean in San Diego. (All photos taken with my little pocket Canon SD850 IS.)

First I tried focusing on the SD skyline while kicking and holding up my running shoe in the air. Turns out being off-balance doesn't make the best photo.

Then I sat down on the rocks and came up with this brilliant idea.

I think this photo sums it all up for me as far as the fun of running in San Diego.  :)

Soon, I found Todd running back towards me. One last glance at the view before heading to lunch!

Guess what? Point Loma Seafoods has recently moved down the street temporarily while they totally remodel and enlarge their old location!

We were both SO excited that it's halibut season again! Oh fresh and perfectly fried halibut sandwich, where have you been all my life?!

One of two very happy eaters!

I spent a lot of time in my craft studio this weekend. I got some Project Life pages done. I started on a couple of other scrapping projects. And I finished my first sewing project, which will be my New 52 post later this week! :)


  1. Point Loma Seafoods. I'm dying....

  2. What Christi said.

    (beautiful photos, all things San Diego!!)

  3. I need to plan a trip to SD some day, the weather and scenery looks so peaceful and the restaurants you blog about to die for.


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