Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anthology | Fourplay

One of Todd's favorite contemporary jazz groups is Fourplay. Each member of Fourplay is a famous jazz musician in their own right, but together they are awesome. When we found out they were coming to Anthology in San Diego, we got tickets immediately to see them. Anthology is one of our favorite live music venues in San Diego. We saw Latin jazz musician Pancho Sanchez in March there, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in April there.

Fourplay concert was Friday night (6/10). This time, we told Sally about it and she also got tickets to come with us. We met up with her at Anthology.

This time we had dinner at home beforehand, because we got the cheaper seats that did not require food purchase. We arrived at 7:20pm for the 7:30pm concert and almost all the tables on the floor were taken except for three tables left! We quickly grabbed one and pulled up three chairs. Sally arrived shortly after. I really enjoy seeing live music at Anthology. You sit at a table and enjoy the music with friends. You can get drinks and food if you want as well. Sally and I shared some fried calamari.

Fourplay played many songs that I recognized. They ended with two of my favorite songs. The concert ended promptly at 9:00pm, because there's another show at 9:30pm and they have to clear out the place and let people in for the second show. Todd, Sally, and I walked two blocks over to Extraordinary Desserts and bought some awesome desserts to go. We always get it to go because the wait to sit at a table is always so long, plus Todd had to get home and deploy some software changes for work.

Sally attempting the "Todd Shot". Not quite, is it?


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