Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Noodle Lately

The other day I caught Noodle just laying around the house. I guess you could probably describe a large part of his day this way, LOL. But he thinks he's the king of the house now. No modesty whatsoever.

The squished head is pretty funny.

Oh and that brown papers in the background?  The BEST FREE toys ever!  A lot of our Amazon packages come with brown paper stuffed in there now.  Noodle LOVES to play in the scrunched up brown papers!  He loves to pounce around in them and hear the rustling noises.  He likes to hide in there sometimes, like his personal igloo.  Who needs to pay for toys when he loves this free brown paper so much, LOL!

His most favorite place is the perch we put up for him by the window. He spends a LOT of time there every day. He especially loves it when we open the window for him and he can smell and watch birds.

Today I realized that yesterday was the six month anniversary of the day we saw Noodle at the county animal shelter back on December 27th. I'm glad we made him a member of our household. He's added lots of cuteness, comedy, and affection to our house. His first birthday is July 14th. On that day, there will be some special treat... could it be... roasted turkey? Hmm...

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