Thursday, June 23, 2011

Five Guys with Cassi & Dan

We were supposed to go to Five Guys in La Jolla with Cassi and Dan on Monday 6/13, but Todd came down with a cold and we definitely did not want to give it to baby Madison, so we had to cancel. Second time is a charm for Monday 6/20 though!

The first time we've ever had Five Guys burgers and fries was at Liberty Station in Point Loma. Since then, the burger chain has opened up many locations throughout San Diego county. We love their cajun fries!

We met up with Cassi, Dan, and Madison at 6:30pm. It was unusually chilly for a June evening! Good thing Todd always keeps a spare longs-sleeved shirt in his car for occasions like this, when I forget to bring one for myself! We ordered and got our food, including sodas from one of those cool fountains where you can add your own syrup flavorings!

It was so great to see Cassi, Dan, and Madison again. It had been a few months since I last saw them, and Madison has certainly grown up quite a bit! Cassi was so awesome and brought me some scrapbooking supplies that she had doubles of! She gave me some patterned cardstock, chipboard alphabets, and even a knitting book. What a bonanza for me! :D

I had to include this photo because Dan was so funny!

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  1. I love Five Guys! Dalyla calls it Five Mans. LOL


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