Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New 52 | Week 24: Domo Kun Cookies

Our friend Monika likes to drop subtle hints. Like, three months ago she dropped the hint that her birthday was on June 10th. I am susceptible to subtle hints. So I put her birthday into my calendar. Then a couple weeks ago, she Facebooked me a link to some cute Domo cookie recipes that she found. Hint hint. For those that don't know, Domo Kun is a Japanese mascot for a TV station.

Monika has an affinity for Domo. She takes him on all her travels and he writes her travel adventures on her blog. The latest one being to Paris.

Monika's birthday was Sunday, so Todd and I made plans to make the Domo cookies on Saturday. We actually set aside a few hours! The recipe for these Domo TKO cookies are from Diamonds For Dessert blog.

Photo from Diamonds For Dessert.

I didn't know what TKO's are, so I looked it up on the trusty interwebs. TKO stands for "Thomas Keller Oreos". Thomas Keller is the world-famous chef who owns the French Laundry restaurant up in Napa Valley, and he came up with his own interpretation of the Oreo, and his recipe has made it into the public. These Domo cookies are a version of the TKO's. I'd just like to state up front that these cookies use a TON of butter and cream and chocolate and white chocolate. It is definitely not for the faint of heart or anyone on a diet!

So we began. First we gathered all the ingredients.

The ingredients for the chocolate and the red dough. Look how much butter went into each!

Both doughs made.

We refrigerated them for 10 minutes, according to the directions, so that the dough is easier to work with and not too soft. In hindsight, we should have refrigerated them longer because the dough was still too soft and difficult to work with.

Next was the filling. This filling is made with heavy cream and premium white chocolate, people! Definitely not your run-of-the-mill cream frosting. 

Then we got to work shaping the dough and stacking them to make the Domo shape. We printed out the diagram and this is how you make a log of Domo.

Here is our try. Our dough was soft and it was hard to form the right shapes. First Todd made a Domo log, then I made one as well.

Then we refrigerated the Domo logs for 30 minutes. Then we sliced them and put them onto our cookie sheet for baking.

They baked for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. Then we waited for the cookies to totally cool.

We squeezed the white chocolate cream filling onto the bottom cookies.

Then we added the top cookie and made the sandwich. Then it was time to draw Domo's face on with dark chocolate and white chocolate.

This is how you're supposed to draw Domo's face on.

It is a lot harder than you think! We used a toothpick.

Finally, Domo is ready to be taken to Monika's birthday party!

They didn't quite look like the photos from the recipe blog, but still pretty cute and scary! I showed the photos to my friend Peppermint, and she said our Domos were fat and angry Domos. Well, Domo was probably angry because we made him fat!

But Monika still liked them, so it was a success!

And believe you me, they were sinfully delicious!

About This Project

New52 is a project started by Peppermint and I to encourage each other and others around us to try something new every week in 2011. The "new" each week doesn't have to be something big. It could be something as simple as ordering a new dish instead of old standbys at your favorite restaurant. It's simply opening your heart up to NEW possibilities.

Don't worry if you're late getting started on joining in. It's totally OK if you miss a week here or there. We encourage everyone to keep an open mind about trying something new. This is a life project, and a photography/blog and even scrap challenge if you wish. If you participate this week, please leave a link to your blog post in the link list below. You can also post images to our New 52 Flickr Group! We would love to see what you were inspired to do.  


  1. Those are cute and hilarious--but man what a lot of work! You guys are some super-sweet friends!

  2. The recipe called for "white chocolate" but I only could find white chocolate chips (for the teeth). I wonder if they had different ingredients that made the teeth drawing more difficult.

  3. I think your Domos look fabulous!!! I'm sure Monika appreciated all your hard work and thoughtfulness.

  4. fat angry domos = fun unique gift!!!

  5. I LOVED THESE! Thank you soo much for making them! I love this blog post too. Great pictures! and ACK on the cream! So not paleo. haha.

    Hmm.. so now I need to think about what to hint for next. :o)

  6. Holy cow that looked like a ton of butter. LOL



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