Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anniversary | The Dinner + The Gifts

Last Saturday 6/25 was the actual date of our wedding anniversary. We had celebrated already by taking two days off earlier in the week and doing fun things around town, but Todd also planned a dinner on the actual anniversary on Saturday. We got a $50 gift card to Roy's in La Jolla for free, as part of the cash back program for Discover Cards. We used to use it for Borders Books and Music gift cards, but now that our local store is closed, we don't have much use for them anymore.

It was a gorgeous evening in San Diego. I love the tiki lamps right outside the window by our table!

The scenery totally reminds me of Hawaii, which I suppose is the atmosphere they're trying to convey. Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot, but living in San Diego is definitely like living in paradise, almost as good as Hawaii!

As soon as we sat down, they brought us edamame. We ate that up in a hurry. I loved the seasoning they sprinkled on!

I ordered the shellfish sampler, which had lobster, crabcake, prawns, and scallops.

Can't say enough good things about it. Very delicious!

Todd ordered the Prix Fixe menu. First up was the Vietnamese lettuce wraps.

I may or may not have stolen one of the meatballs, heh heh.

Todd's entree was a barramundi (fish) dish. He enjoyed it very much.

Our waitress offered to take a photo of us.

Then she asked if we were celebrating something, and we told her it was our anniversary.

Which led her to bring back an extra dessert!

That is, in addition to the incredible Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle. The raspberry sauce really made it special!

After dinner, we came home to exchange gifts. But first I had to work for two hours on finishing my gift to Todd. I had been working on his gift for TWO MONTHS! And since it was a gift, I couldn't work on it when he was around, so I had to sneak an hour here and an hour there, when he wasn't around the house. It was hard work!

I had seen Todd come out of the craft studio mysteriously earlier in the weekend. It did not occur to me that the gift wrapping stuff was in that room, LOL.

And look, he grabbed a journaling card from Project Life to use as a gift tag! How cute is that? (We had already exchanged cards earlier in the week.)

Todd got me some customized stationary from Etsy.

He also got me a book that I forgot to take a picture of. It's called "A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron. I'm really excited to read it, but I'm also scared that I'll cry a lot. I'm sensitive when it comes to animal books!

My gift to Todd, one that I had been working on for two months, is a "Love You" mini-album.

He really loved the album. He keeps looking at it over and over again at different times, and telling me it's "incredible". Having a husband that appreciates a Love You mini album is definitely a plus in my book! And if I had to do it again, I'd marry Todd all over again. Maybe for our 20th anniversary we can "elope" to Vegas and get married by Elvis. :p

PS - I will show the mini-album in more detail in a future post. :)


  1. Love those thoughtful gifts! And the fact that Todd looked at the book more than once makes him top notch, especially for a crafty gal like you. Next time we see you I need the scoop on Roy's. We have a gift card but I'm afraid it's all seafood...

  2. While reading this post, I thought maybe you were secretly in Hawaii. You know we have 2 Roy's on Oahu. When you are in town you should check it out. Also, Todd was so thoughtful to find you something cute from Esty and write the tag on your Project Life tag. Perfect to just slip into your album. I can't wait to see and read more about your love you mini.

  3. I love your gifts to each other! and Roy's is one of my favorite restaurants. :o) David and I went to that one in la jolla on one of his visits to SD when he was still living in Hawaii :o)

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. very special and thoughtful gifts!

    The love between you both is something special and should be cherised!

    So nice from your waitress with the extra dessert


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