Friday, January 8, 2010

Dinner with Mike

Last night Todd made a simple dinner of Barley Sausage Skillet and a garden salad and we took it up to our friend Mike's house to eat with him and the kids.  Last April his wife and our friend, Barbara, passed away from cancer at the age of 33.  Mike has his hands full working full-time and raising three children under 7 years old.


We had a lot of fun chatting with Mike about what he's been up to lately.  Turns out Mike is also committed to reading the Bible in one year, so we said we would keep each other accountable!  So now I have an accountability buddy for my new endeavor.  :)

I think our scale at home has gone wacko.  When I weighed myself on Monday I was 128 lbs, which I was not shocked about since I did some vacation-eating, followed by some holiday-eating in December.  And I did not exercise consistently.  I didn't get discouraged though.  Life goes in cycles and has its ebbs and flows, so I just enjoyed my December, LOL.  Now it's back to more mindful eating and more regular exercising.  So then I weighed myself on Wednesday morning and I was suddenly 123 lbs.  I didn't believe my scale.  Then today I weighed 125 lbs.  I think I need to change out the battery on the scale, or get a new scale!

Tomorrow we start a new season of running with West Coast Road Runners and I'm excited!  I had a great time last year in the Jan-June season, running all over beautiful San Diego County.  So even though we'll be back to getting up way too early on Saturday mornings, I think it'll be worth it.


  1. Hi again, I'm back! =)
    Sweet picture of Todd, Mike and the kids, looks like you had a nice time.
    It sounds so interesting to read the bible in one year. I have never read it through, but I think it would be a great experience. Great that you've got a reading buddy too! =)
    My scale is out of battery too, but unfortunately it showed the hard truth right to the end. I could have done fine with some happy digits after all Christmas food. :P

  2. good luck for the new running season!

    we read the bible in our children´s church, too

  3. Enjoy those early morning runs. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing about your running season.

    BTW the word verification today is faterlat. Strange...


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