Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Closet Overhaul

Over the last month, I've spent a few hours here and there, going through all my clothes in my closet, drawers, shelves, and armoir, giving the clothes I no longer wear away.  And shoes.  I probably spent between 8-10 hours all together, spread out over five different days between Feb 27th and April 18th.  (Although, everything was re-organized by March 14th, except for the shoes.)  It feels so good to only have stuff that I wear in my closet and drawers now.  I even parted with high school and college sweatshirts that I couldn't bear to part with before.  They were sentimental clutter.  I ended up taking photos of them and giving them away or throwing away in some cases.

This was my closet before.

With shoes strewn about.

I don't think I took really good photos that really convey how packed everything was in my closet. All the shelves were filled. The hanging clothes were squeezed together on the rods.

I also tackled my pants armoir shelves. I had many pairs of jeans and pants that no longer fit. Rather than hoping and wishing I could fit into them again, I decided to give them away. If I lost some fat down the road, I'd probably want to buy new jeans anyways.



The biggest work was going through all my hanging clothes. It was astounding how much I don't wear anymore. Just the hangers removed from my closet was monumental.

Big pile of clothes I gave away... these weren't even all of it.

Here are the after pics. When I compared them to the before pics, they didn't look too different, much to my disappointment. But everything hangs better now, and nothing is piled up or squeezed in.  And the shoes aren't strewn about.

At some point, I hope to really makeover the actual closet, with either Ikea or The Container Store things. Have you redone your closet? If you have before/after pics, I'd love to take a peek! :)


  1. You were really busy
    I haven´t redone my closet, yet. When I´m ready I´ll take pictures

  2. Wow, great work! And so nice to have all your t-shirts and tops on hangers. Mine are stuffed in drawers, and only trousers and shirts hanging. When we moved to this apartment I finally got a walk-in-closet, and we used IKEA stuff to organize it right away. It could use a clean-out by now, maybe it would be perfect soon when changing from winter to summer clothes.

  3. My favorite part about this post is that you said you took a few hours here and there over the past month to work on your closet. I think that's why so many of us don't ever get around to cleaning out the closet...we think we have to do it all at one time.

    So..following your lead, I had a few minutes and I picked up my shoes out of the middle of my closet. Even took one pair that I've hated for many years and put them in the give-away pile.

    It's a start!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I really need to do my closet too so you just might be the inspiration I need to start.


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