Sunday, April 11, 2010

Layouts and Food

Which equates to two of my favorite things!

This weekend went by so fast. Todd spent a lot of his time yesterday and today installing our whole house water softener. He was quite an excellent plumber (without the butt crack showing). I'm so proud of him! There were roadblocks along the way though. I'm sure the whole saga will be on his blog soon.

I spent the weekend designing, packaging, getting my products into my stores, and scrapping. It is amazing the amount of administrative time it takes to get my digi products into my stores. Kind of annoying actually. I'd much rather be designing than doing that stuff. But all that is necessary, so I do it.

So, let's get to the food first, shall we?

This morning I made lemon scones. Before you get all excited and think I made them from scratch, I didn't. I used a mix from World Market. All you have to do is add water and mix with a spoon.

Then spread the mix into twelve lumps on the cookie sheet.

Then in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

They were rather delicious!

I ate them with fresh roasted coffee from our neighbor Fred next door. Perfect breakfast!

Then tonight for dinner, Todd made Crisp Salmon with Lemony Spinach and Potatoes.

It's one of our favorite salmon recipes, so click on the link above for the recipe if you're interested. :)

Now for the layouts. First, I want to show you a couple more layouts made with my Snap! mini kit freebie that I made for the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program.

By Tracey

Also used template by Simply Yin.

By Amy

Also used Creator Kit by One Little Bird, and paint by CD Muckosky.

I love these! If you've created a layout with my Snap! mini kit, you can let me know by leaving a link in the comments on this blog.

Ok, now for my own layouts.

This first one was inspired by the lyrics to Jack Johnson's song, "Better Together".

Credits: For The Birds kit by One Little Bird @ Catscrap; Template Set #11: Corner Blocks by me, being released tomorrow night!

This second one I just finished tonight. It's called "Then and Now" and it's about Todd and I being together for twenty years.

Credits: Remember Me Papers, Remember Me Elements, and Sweetie Pie Alphas by Designs by Lili @ The Lilypad.

That's all for tonight!  I'm kinda bummed it's back to work tomorrow!


  1. Coffee and lemon scones...yum! AND the salmon, if it tasted as good as the picture looked, I'm trying the recipe.

    I love your layouts. The one with Peppermint's kit is so very cool! You have such a talent to know the perfect place for the elements and journaling. (btw, is the photo from a professional photography shoot? )

    Just like Becky yesterday, I'm feeling like a movie star ;).

    Have a great Monday.

  2. Mmmmm...scones. Never tried lemon scones. I usually do chocolate chip ones.
    I'm curious about the font that you used in your layouts. It reminds me of how all of my architecture friends used to write back in college.
    I used your paper and your border frame in a page I did yesterday. I love the tones in the papers and the handwritten word arts!
    My word verification is "dalling". I'm going to use my Southern accent to say, "Christine, you're such a Darlin'!"

  3. Can I stop by for dinner? LOL You always make such yummy food. Maybe I can plan a cooking vacation and you can teach me some of your recipes. I'm horrible in the kitchen. Horrible.

    Those lemon scones sound so good.

  4. Tracey - yes the photo was from a photo shoot in January. To call it "professional" is another story, LOL. Let's just say there are a handful of good photos but a bunch of them were awful. At least it was cheap.

    Heather - the font I used in "Better Together" is called LD Stock. The one on "Then and Now" is DJB Jenna by Darcy Baldwin at Sweet Shoppe.

    Christi - a cooking vacation sounds great, but you'd have to get the cooking lessons from Todd, LOL. I'm an amateur. :p

  5. That is one thing that slowing my scrapping down, the keeping track of the stuff I use in order to give proper credit. I guess your work on packaging your designed stuff is a lot more time consuming, and more important, but I know the feeling. Hope you find good routines to ease the job for you, cause your designs are lovely!

    Yummy food, I love salmon! And the scones look like a perfect weekend breakfast.

    Take care!


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