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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jazz Under The Stars

20140824-2014-08-24 19.33.51_blog

Last Sunday 8/24 we went to the Ira Liss Big Band Jazz Machine concert at the Bernardo Winery.  This is our 3rd year attending it, and it’s easily one of the best hidden gems in San Diego.  Todd loves this big band and wishes they played more than once a year!  We got there a few minutes before the start time of 6:30 and got our seats in the back.

20140824-2014-08-24 18.42.24_blog

Todd got us each a glass of wine from the winery.  A riesling and a moscato rose.  So good and sparkly!

20140824-2014-08-24 18.47.41_blog

20140824-2014-08-24 18.33.53_blog

As day turned into night, the music filled our ears while the lights made it so magical.  Since this is our 3rd year attending, it has definitely become an end-of-summer tradition that we look forward to every year. 

20140824-2014-08-24 20.03.00_blog

On Monday 8/25 I took the day off work to just hang out and catch up on life.  I’m thankful that I have enough vacation days at work to do this occasionally.  I did my usual P90X3 workout that morning, but was itching to run, so I ran afterwards!  I just ran in my neighborhood and it was hot, but I survived the hilly three miles.

20140825-2014-08-25 10.09.44_blog

For lunch, I rewarded myself with a tasty lobster roll at Bites of Boston.  So yummy! 

20140825-2014-08-25 13.07.16_blog

Then I went to Target and shopped for some household necessities.  I had a fun and relaxing day.

We’ve been cooking at home quite a bit and eating healthier meals.  This is one of the example meals we’ve been eating.  Broccoli and tofu stir-fry with wild rice.

20140826-2014-08-26 18.03.40_blog

So the big day finally arrived after nine months of waiting!  Yes, I’m talking about the start of College Football yesterday.  Waking up to ESPN’s College Gameday and watching it in bed together is our favorite! 

20140830-2014-08-30 06.57.37_blog

The Buckeyes played Navy and beat them, even though the first half was touch and go.  Final score:  Buckeyes 34, Navy 17.  Next up is VA Tech next week and we’re having a little party at our house! 

And if you’re a Big 10 football fan and a Game of Thrones fan, you HAVE TO see this awesome video!


A couple of funny Noodle captures.  This one he settled himself into a box on Todd’s desk.  Can you find him?  Ha ha.

20140825-2014-08-25 21.27.47_blog

I put this one up on Instagram and captioned it:  “Oh hey, hello! My name is Noodle and I love to hang out and snuggle with my humans. And waving to strangers.”

20140826-2014-08-26 18.46.41-2_blog

A couple of scrapbooking things… Last weekend I finally put labels on my loose patterned paper organization.

20140824-2014-08-24 14.01.29-2_blog

The “Vellum & Foil” category is new.  I love it!  These are lipless Display Dynamics trays.  They fit 12x12 papers and everything fits inside my IKEA Expedit cubbies.  Very convenient.  I got them from a couple of years ago.  You used to be able to get them on Amazon too, although right now they are out of stock.

And I’ve been working on 12x12 scrapbook pages again!  Feels great to make full scrapbook pages again, after doing Project Life exclusively for about 4 months.  Here’s a sneak peek at a page that I did for an upcoming guest design team gig.


Very excited about Labor Day tomorrow, and NOT laboring, ha!  I always plan to get way too much done, and then get stressed out when I can’t do it all.  Here’s hoping for a productive yet relaxing today and tomorrow!  (Is there such a thing?)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Great Closet Purge of 2014

20140803-2014-08-03 15.15.05-1_blog

Last weekend I did a big closet purge/reorganization.  I got tired of having clothes that don’t fit mixed in with clothes that fit.  Clothes I don’t like or don’t wear anymore mixed in with clothes I still wear.  It was time for a major purge and reorganization.  Everything came out of the closet and drawers, and only the clothes I like and still fit went back in.

Here are some before photos.

Before:  Everything was mixed together.  Short-sleeves with long sleeves and sweaters on top.  Short-sleeves with skirts on bottom. 


Before:  Too many tops I never wear anymore.  And short-sleeves were mixed in with long sleeves.


Before:  Short-sleeves arranged in ROYGBIV colors.  And skirts.


Before:  Too many clothes I never wear anymore crammed into the cubbies.


Before:  Too many purses, bags, hats on the hooks.


I spent about six hours going through all my clothes.  Some really old clothes just got tossed in the trash.  Those that were in good condition but I either don’t like or don’t fit anymore got in the donation pile. 

The donation pile got huge.  That box is really tall, all filled with stuff.  I ended up donating a lot of sweaters, because I had a disproportionate amount of sweaters for someone living in San Diego.  I hardly ever wear sweaters!


Here are some AFTER photos.

After:  All long-sleeved tops on top, all short-sleeves on bottom.  Instead of sorting by ROYGBIV colors, I sorted them by one of each color until the back, where I had extra blues and blacks. 


After:  The reason I did it this way is so I can more easily wear all my clothes.  I just grab one from the front (assuming it goes with a bottom), wear it, then at the end of the week wash them and put them into the back.  This way I’ll wear what I have.


After:  The boxes on the top shelf store my extra purses, hats, and souvenir t-shirts that I don’t wear often.


After:  All skirts and dresses in the back.


After:  So much less clothes in the cubbies!  Short-sleeve layering t-shirts on the bottom.  Long-sleeve shirts in the middle.  The top cubby has clothes that I still love, but doesn’t quite fit right now.  I hope to fit into them in 2-3 months.  If I don’t fit into them in 12 months, they will be given away.


I didn’t take a “before” photo of my pants cabinet, but it was so jam-packed that it was difficult to even take a pair of pants out.  Now this is all I have in the cabinet.  These all fit.


I’m really happy I spent the time to do this.  My last big purge was a couple of years ago.  It feels really great to be able to select only the clothes I like and fit each morning!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Letterpressed Cards + Other Crafty Fun

20140630-2014-06-30 07.06.21-2_blog

A couple of weekends ago I spent two hours playing with letterpressing some 3x4 cards.  I had done one round of letterpressing last year and really liked the results. 

But using letterpress ink meant a lot of clean-up time.  I wanted to use a bunch of different colors and that would mean spending a ton of time cleaning up between colors.  So I decided to use Tsukineko Brilliance stamping ink instead.  These ink pads are pigment ink, so the coverage is better than using dye ink.  You can see the difference above in the first photo.  All the letterpressed cards used Brilliance ink except for the orange Hello Sunshine card.  I used Studio Calico’s Color Theory ink pad in Orange County on that one.  I do love the Color Theory ink pads for stamping.  They are dye ink so they dry immediately.  I use those for my Project Life pages all the time.  But with letterpress I think more coverage is better.  (Unless you like the imperfect blotchy look.)

Here’s a close up of one of my letterpressed cards using the Brilliance ink in Galaxy Gold.  I’m totally in love with it!  The gold specks are even better in person.

20140630-2014-06-30 07.20.58-1_blog

So what do you need to letterpress at home?  I use the LIfestyle Crafts L Letterpress Platform with my Sizzix Big Shot.  Almost all my letterpress plates come from Studio Calico.  I use the We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Paper, No.10-Size, Flat-Style, 25-Pack.  One side of that paper is already 4”, so it’s easy to cut 3 of the 3x4 cards from one sheet.  I also use the extra thick version of the same paper, which I love!

Over the July 4th long weekend, I also cut several boxes with my Silhouette to house some of my 3x4 Project Life journal cards. 

20140704-2014-07-04 16.26.50-2_blog

I used this cut file by Lori Whitlock, which contains cut files for both the box to house 3x4 cards AND the box to house 4x6 cards.  I also made a bunch of 4x6 boxes but forgot take any photos to show you.  I also used a Papertrey Ink 3x4 tabbed journal card die to cut all the tabbed dividers for my box.  I typed the words first and printed them on cardstock.  Then I diecut the tabbed dividers using the die and my Big Shot.

Last week I won the brand new Notes & Things collection from Crate Paper!  Out of over 4,000 entries from people who tagged other people on Crate Paper’s Instagram post, Peppermint & I won! 


On Saturday morning, the mailman delivered it to me.  Oh my gosh, so pretty!  I can’t wait to play with it all!

20140705-2014-07-05 08.40.34-1_blog

By now, you’ve probably heard about Two Peas In A Bucket closing.  In the middle of June, I discovered that one of my Project Life pages was their Featured Project in the gallery!


It may have been one of the last featured projects on their site, sniff.  I joined Two Peas in May 2006, when I discovered digital scrapbooking.


Lastly… I saw this tool container at Home Depot last week. 

20140705-2014-07-05 11.05.54_blog

I thought it would make a great carrier for Project Life cards!  The dimensions of the boxes were 3x4 and 4x6.  Each box comes out individually too, so you could just put a box on your table to work on your Project Life.  But… I measured the height  of the yellow containers and it’s only 3.7 inches, not 4.  So I don’t actually know if the PL cards would be too tall to fit inside the big container that holds the smaller containers.  Like, if the lid would be able to close or not.  Intriguing though.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

May 2014 Month-In-Review


I didn’t blog very much in May, so I thought I would do a month-in-review post to hit some of the highlights of the month.  The above photos were taken at different times by either me or Todd, while running or cycling.  San Diego is so beautiful to be active outside.


We made lots of good food at home.

1.  Kale, blackberry, and chicken salad.  2.  Coconut Curry Chicken Soup  3.  Sweet Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup  4.  Grilled Halibut with Bacony Corn Saute   5.  Seoulful Chicken with Minted Cucumbers  6.  Homemade double chocolate custard-based ice cream.


Lots of good crafting/scrapbooking stuff.

1.  My friend Lili Niclass sent me a package all the way from Japan, containing a bunch of stuff she designed (Project Life Kiwi Edition, stamp sets, and embellies for Freckled Fawn).  2.  I got a Canon Selphy CP910 printer so I could print & scrapbook while traveling.  3.  I organized all my punches and punched out each shape with white cardstock.  Then I put all the punched out shapes on a ring for reference.  4.  Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy, and Maggie Holmes 8.5x11 paper packs on sale at Michaels.  5.  Organizing photos and memorabilia in chronological order for Project Life.  6.  Working on Project Life.

I played around with my Selphy CP910 and was very happy with the photo quality after some adjustments.

20140507-2014-05-07 07.21.31-1_blog

We evacuated from a fire.

20140513-2014-05-13 15.29.39_blog

And after we got home and everyone and everything was safe and sound, Noodle was so happy & content to nap with his stuffed animals.

20140516-2014-05-16 19.14.03-2_blog

We drove up to LA and spent a Saturday with my dad & Shelly.



My dad’s backyard is full of flowers and fruit trees.  So pretty.


We went to the Japanese dollar store Daiso.

20140510-2014-05-10 14.32.24_blog

Lots of cute little Japanese stationary stuff there.

20140510-2014-05-10 14.38.50_blog

I scrapbooked with friends on National Scrapbook Day.


I came up with a plan and scrapbooked pages for my Maui vacation album.

20140529-2014-05-29 16.20.16_blog

Noodle gave me a card on Mother’s Day.

20140511-2014-05-11 18.30.24_blog

I had lunch with the girls at work.  Even though the photo is terrible, the memories are great.

20140512-2014-05-12 12.38.12_blog

Todd played a 1,000 piece puzzle.


We went on a 5-day trip to Monterey/Carmel.  We ate lots of good stuff there.


We stayed at the Spanish Inn on Pebble Beach’s famed 17-Mile Drive.

20140518-2014-05-18 07.47.33-1_blog

We woke up every morning to ocean views.

20140518-2014-05-18 07.06.53_blog

We ran every morning on the trails along the coast.


20140520-2014-05-20 08.56.27_blog

20140518-2014-05-18 08.02.37_blog

20140518-2014-05-18 08.23.58_blog

One morning I even came upon three deers on the trail, crossing from the rocks on the beach to the other side of the road!

20140518-2014-05-18 08.21.31_blog

I brought my Canon Selphy printer and a bunch of scrapbooking supplies.  I printed out some photos from my iPhone.

20140518-2014-05-18 17.25.58_blog

And from my iPad and my SD card on my big camera.  They all turned out great.

20140518-2014-05-18 17.37.33-1_blog

But alas, I never got around to actually scrapbook them, lol.

Todd played music and sang with his parents at a reception for a conference at the Spanish Inn.  (That’s the main reason we were there, but we made a trip out of it.)



Todd sang Jack Johnson’s “Flake”.


We went on the famed 17-Mile Drive and saw fantastic scenery.

20140519-2014-05-19 12.34.47_blog

The Lone Cypress.

20140519-2014-05-19 13.00.28-1_blog

The 18th hole at Pebble Beach golf course, quite possibly the world’s most famous golf course.

20140519-2014-05-19 16.44.16-1_blog

20140519-2014-05-19 16.45.47-2_blog

Drinks & chatting at the The Lodge at Pebble Beach.

20140519-2014-05-19 17.24.36_blog

We walked and window-shopped in the little town of Carmel-By-The-Sea (where Clint Eastwood used to be mayor.)


20140520-2014-05-20 15.19.52_blog

The trip was fun but it was good to be back home afterwards.  After all, we missed Noodle!


We had breakfast at Snooze.

20140525-2014-05-25 07.54.07_blog

Todd got a bike rack for the roof of his car.

20140525-2014-05-25 11.08.40_blog

Todd biked with friends.


And he biked to work on National Bike To Work Day (delayed in San Diego due to the wildfires).


I ran and walked 32 miles in May, which is my biggest month in over a year!

20140531-2014-05-31 10.53.50_blog

I hooked up my old Canon Pixma MP620 upstairs in the craft room and got it to work.  Now I can print digital and Silhouette printables right from my craft room.

20140525-2014-05-25 16.42.40_blog

So I cut some print & cut labels immediately.

20140525-2014-05-25 16.53.35-2_blog

And gave my Silhouette a workout by cutting a bunch of tags. 

20140531-2014-05-31 16.57.01-2_blog

Oh, we made homemade chocolate ice cream for the first time this year during Memorial weekend.

20140525-2014-05-25 20.28.46_blog

SO good!

20140525-2014-05-25 20.28.55-1_blog

We had dinner + movie with Dejah & Roby.  They came over for dinner and Todd made Spring Vegetable Pasta.

20140526-2014-05-26 18.11.20_blog

20140526-2014-05-26 18.11.36_blog

After dinner we watched the movie “A Prairie Home Companion”. 

This past week I got my braces adjusted and now I have to wear rubber bands.  It hurt so bad the first two days, I could hardly think.  We went to Liang’s Kitchen for some wonton soup because soup is my friend and I love Chinese comfort food.

20140531-2014-05-31 13.21.31_blog

That’s it for May.  Sorry for the amount of photos.  That’s kind of what happens when I didn’t blog very much in May.  Now June is here and I’m looking forward to it!


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