Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nine Miles and Some Sushi

I haven't been having as hard a time getting out of bed to run on Saturday mornings. I think there are two reasons for this. First, West Coast Road Runners has a separate, later start time for half marathoners now, so the start time isn't quite so early. Secondly, since it's only six weeks away from the San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon now, I feel like every long run is important. And since the weather's getting warmer, and the runs longer, if we don't start running early in the morning, it would get too hot later.

So all that is the long way of saying, yay, we weren't late to the run on Saturday starting at 7:30am at Solana Beach! We ran north from Fletcher Cove.

The view right north of the Solana Beach train station, heading towards the ocean.

I ran with Mary Jo, one of the coaches, all the way up to Moonlight Beach (4.5 miles, the turnaround). We chatted the whole way and ran at an easy pace. After an aid station break, I ran back by myself, faster than the first half.

We had to climb up the steep incline by Moonlight Beach on the way back. Yick!

I ate a GU at the halfway point, 4.5 miles. And gulped down a cup of Ultima at the aid station. I brought 10 oz of water and 10 oz of Ultima in my own hydration belt. The first few miles I took it pretty easy, so my average was like 11:40/mile. After the turnaround, I sped up and my last three miles averaged around 10:45/mile.

Location: Fletcher Cove to Moonlight Beach out and back.
Distance: 9.01 miles
Time: 1:41:30
Avg time/mile: 11:16
Calories: 904

Needless to say, burning 904 calories before 9:30am made me hungry! But we decided to go home and clean up first. I joined Todd for some popcorn. Then we headed down to Nozomi for some Japanese food for lunch.

Some miso soup.

My Hawaiian Roll

The significance of this?

It's the first time ever that Todd ordered a sushi roll for his meal! He finally decided that he liked sushi rolls enough to take the plunge. But still no shrimp for him. He got a spicy tuna roll.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on Saturday drawing things for Round 3 of the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program. I didn't finish it until today though, but I learned a lot and had so much fun.

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