Monday, February 8, 2010

Winner + Paper Stacked Hearts

Thanks to everyone who entered into the $10 coupon giveaway to my store at Little Dreamer Designs! says the winner is #16!


Melissa, please contact me at listgirldesigns (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize!

At Little Dreamer Designs, new products mostly come out on Tuesdays. We call them "New Product Tuesdays". So I'm now going to get on that schedule and release new products both at my LDD store and at Listgirl Designs on Tuesdays. So what do I have for you today?

Template #38: Stacked Paper Hearts (LDD | LGD)

A template full of hearts, to scrap about the people, places, and things we love in life! Room for three photos plus many paper or photo hearts, you can add embellishments and make it your own! Print it out and frame it as a gift, or print it on canvas and hang it on the wall! You can even resize it down and make a Valentine's card with it.

I made a layout with it. I was inspired by a Jim Brickman song.
You can find the full credits here at Little Dreamer Designs.

I also have some paper blocked letters in both stores.

These were 2009 monthly template giveaways on this blog. Most of my blog readers have these already. I repackaged them to put into my stores, because I kept receiving email after email asking me if I had such and such a letter, and why some letters were missing from my stores. :-| This way they're all in one place. So please do NOT purchase these particular paper blocked letters if you already downloaded them from my blog before! If you are a new blog reader and did not have a chance to download them before, please email me at listgirldesigns (at) gmail (dot) com and I will give you a coupon code for $5 off these particular products. (But you must spend at least $10, assuming that you are buying all of these letters as a collection.)

All new products in both stores are 20% off on Tuesday only.  Newsletter subscribers might find a little something extra off.  :p

I really wanted to design another set of templates for release today, but I have been busy and ran out of time. I will now aim for next week! Oh, and I have a special set of four templates coming out soon as part of a special benefits kit. I hope to give you more information about that soon.

I made dinner tonight and it was an awesome recipe, my new favorite. I'll share photos and recipe tomorrow on the blog. I need to get some sleep now. :)

ETA:  I sent out the newsletter late Monday night, and I myself did not receive it at my Yahoo email address.  I'm not sure what the problem is.  If you did not receive the newsletter and you're on the list, and you would like to have the coupon code to purchase the new stuffs, please email me at listgirldesigns (at) gmail (dot) com and I will manually forward it to you.  Thanks!


  1. I just wanted to say that I just adore this template! It's genius - pure genius!!

  2. You rock. I've said it before, but you really do...I had NO IDEA what to do for my kiddos for Valentine's I have it. LOVE, LOVE the template. Just bought it.

    (just saw the updated stuff about the newsletter...I didn't get mine, worries, though. Just wanted to let you know.)

    Have a great southern California day..

  3. Wow, your LO is absolutely stunning! The template's very cute, but you surely made something special of it. I love the ribbon bows with the realistic shadows!

    And I thought I'd let you know that I got the newsletter this morning, so I guess it worked for some at least. Thanks!

  4. Oh I love this new template. It's so cute and perfect for valentine's day.


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