Sunday, June 8, 2014

Everyday Ordinary

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We’ve had a fairly ordinary week sprinkled with some fun.  Above photo was a journal card in the making.  Trying something new.

This past Thursday I had jury duty.  It never fails that every couple of years I get summoned. 

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I didn’t get picked for a trial, and there was internet there.  They even had a café with coffee and banana bread.

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We were dismissed by lunch time.  Since I was in the vicinity of Phil’s BBQ, I stopped by to get takeout for dinner.  Todd loves the El Toro sandwich at Phil’s.

On Monday I got to have lunch with my good friend Meera.  Any day that I get to see her is a good day!  I loved catching up with her.

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We cooked some great food at home.  I’m slowly easing back into eating food I can chew again.  This braces thing is the pits.

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On Saturday we had an early lunch at Panera, where I had soft foods, lol.

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Then we went to see the movie “X-men: Days of Future Past”.  It was really spectacular.  I love X-men but love it even more after the last reboot origin story “X-men: First Class”. 


Todd showed me this article this week:  In Search of America’s Best Burrito.  What I really want to know is:  how do I get a job traveling the country trying out the best burritos? This is quite a comprehensive study... glad to see that four San Diego restaurants placed in the list. Of course we did.

On Friday morning as I was leaving for work, the mailman gave me a package for Todd.  It was obviously a pair of shoes. So the following text message exchange happened. (Bear in mind that he bought a pair of trail runners on Sat, and two pairs of regular running shoes on Monday.)

Me: Did you buy more shoes? One more pair came!
Todd: Yes, a pair of cross trainers.
Me: You bought 4 pairs of shoes in one week?? LOL, that's worse than Daryl.
Todd: I almost bought five.

And I couldn't stop laughing.

Todd finished a 1,000 piece puzzle this week.

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I found this receipt tucked away in my backpack this week.  It is from Dec. 24th, 2006.  The reason it’s significant is because this was the last dinner we had all together (my entire family including my mom, my dad, Todd, Todd’s parents, and my sister’s family) before my mom passed away in February 2007.  I miss my mom.

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I got some crafty time in this week.  I made more progress on my Project Life album.  I made one page that was almost all hybrid (digital printed out).

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Today I started another Project Life page, the part in April where Peppermint visited us.  I thought to myself, hmm, what better way than to use the papers she designed for Gossamer Blue!  But I had some performance anxiety.  I always get jitters trying to cut into the pretty papers that she designs, lol.  I'm scared!

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But I did cut the paper, and you would not believe how LONG it took me just to make this one title card for a page.  Sigh.

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I made some DIY glitter foam alphas (similar to Thickers).  You can see the tutorial post here.


Some Noodle cuteness.  Mr Bluebird on Todd's shoulder... Noodle loves to perch himself on Todd's shoulder for a better look around the world, lol.

20140602-2014-06-02 17.46.05-2_blog

Still loving his tissue papers and plays in them all the time.

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Tonight we are relaxing, blogging, and getting ready for the week.  I love ordinary scenes like this:  Todd relaxing in his recliner, having a glass of wine, and watching the NBA playoffs. 

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  1. NBA Finals! Of course you knew that. :)

  2. "I almost bought five" cracks me up. Too funny. TFS your week.

  3. Finding the receipt must have been bitterssweet! I hope ou tucked it right back away again! :)


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