Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 Project Life | April Part 1


I’ve got 4 pages of April Project Life done, with 5 more pages of photos in the pockets that I still need to work on.  Even though I do Project Life on a monthly basis, it seems that I have just as many pages as if I did it weekly.  But that’s ok with me. 

April page 1:  a busy beginning of the month, with a work lunch, dinner & movie at AJ & Meera’s (we watched Disney’s Chimpanzee), and Todd and AJ had a “man-date” to watch “Draft Day” movie.


By the way, a quick tip on taking photos of your Project Life pages inside the pockets.  I notice that people ask all the time how to take photos of PL pages without all the glare from the page protectors.  I usually stand by a sliding glass door with indirect lighting.  That means earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.  I put my pages on a piece of white foam board.  Then I angle the board around to avoid glare.  It is especially hard to avoid glare on the top two pockets.  My first try with the above page looked like this.  See the glare on the top two pockets?


I had to move my foam board around quite a bit before I was able to take the final photo without the glare.  Another tip is to stand RIGHT ABOVE your page.  If you stand at an angle to your page, you will most likely get a LOT of glare on the page.  Hope these photo tips help you with taking photos of your PL pages.


I created a month title page using a 4x6 card from Studio Calico, some Thickers, wood veneer star, and star sequins.







April page 2:  dinner at Karl Strauss, Noodle on his perch, watched the movie “Divergent”, brunch with my friend Pearl, and being published in the Dutch magazine Flow. 






I love adding in little details like the circle arrow.


I totally didn’t know what to do with this 3x4 envelope that came in one of the Studio Calico add-on PL kits.  So I just used it like a journal card and decorated it with gold and woodgrain sequins.  I have not thought of anything to put inside the envelope, lol.





April page 3:  bookstore date at Barnes & Noble; birthday lunch with the girls at work; discovering how much I LOVE to print digital journal cards on Canon 4x6 matte paper; saw the documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune”.



The left photo was from the Collect App on my iPhone.


The left journal card was printed using the Canon 4x6 matte paper I referenced on the right journal card.


I love that “Let’s Go On An Adventure” stamp from one of Kelly Purkey’s stamp sets.



April page 4:  running at the coast; dinner at Chocolat in Hillcrest.



Almost everything on this PL page was from Dear Lizzy Daydreamer collection.  I cut papers to 4x6 or 3x4 and used stickers and diecuts from the collection.


A little tag I cut with my Silhouette and stapled onto the page.


Stamping inside the “bubbles” of the paper.



Another little tag I cut with the Silhouette.  I love how it adds just a little bit of cuteness to the photo.


One thing I discovered about these Project Life pages is that the sum of them all is more than just adding each page together.  When I was working on these pages, I did not love any of them that much.  I was not 100% happy with them.  But after I took photos of the pages and saw them all in Lightroom, I actually liked them a lot more.  There’s something about seeing all the PL pages TOGETHER and seeing the stories of life come together that makes the sum of them worth way more than each individual page by itself.  Just another lesson to not fret over each individual pocket or page, because after they’re done and in the album, they will be loved! 


  1. Christine! I had to let you know- I have about 4 kits and as many binders in my scrap-room- and I have really wanted to "take the PL plunge" but my perfectionism has been holding me back. I know it will gnaw at me if I don't stay "caught up" - but seeing the pretties you make and the great way the story is told- I think I am finally ready to jump in. I'm going to limit it to the summer (baby steps) and try and figure out how to work it with my Collect app. But I wanted to let you know- you've inspired me to finally go for it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yay, Renne! Don't stress and just have fun! You will love looking at your pages all together.

  2. ok, i ADORE your blog layout! can you give me a tutorial on how to get all that fact side bar stuff looking zoo cute like yours!!!

    1. I'm actually such a blog hacker! I only know enough to do what I want, lol. Usually I want to add something to my blog and I google it to find out how to do it. I'm really no expert, I just like to tinker.

  3. Love your layouts. Thanks for your wise words in your last paragraph. I've done some PL but being behind on things I haven't taken the full plunge. What you said is really encouraging and maybe I won't get discouraged when I don't like the pocket I am working on at the moment. And thanks for your past posting on how you organize your PL journaling cards. At least I've organized my cards and kept them by kits.

    1. Yay, June! I find I'm much more productive when my supplies are organized and I can find them! And yes, don't be discouraged by the details. The big picture of doing PL is pretty amazing!

  4. Love your layouts Christine!!! I love all the little details you always put into each page. The little touches that just makes it "click". I've been trying to stay on top of my PL this year...although I still need to do April and May. But seeing your finished pages as made me determined to get on it this week! I too sometimes aren't impressed with my photos etc...until it's all laid out in a layout and I find I LOVE looking back and enjoying the photos/memories much more! lol. Looking at all your fun scrapbooking goodies makes me miss regular scrapping...but I have accepted that digitally is the only way that will work for my easily distracted life and need to "hoard" lol. :)

    1. Thank you, Diane! I like doing it paper because I like to get away from my computer after spending all day on it for work. However, my next PL page is quite hybrid (using digital journal cards). I'll probably blog it in a couple of weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Your last paragraph totally hit home with me... and not just for Project Life! It's also for any larger project... like the big album project I've been working on. I'm spending too much time fussing over such tiny details, but the project as a whole is what matters. Thanks for the reminder.
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)

  6. Such cute PL pages. You always make me want to give hybrid a shot . . . Not that I ever will, but you make me want to. :) and I've had the same experience about not liking them individually, but as a whole loving the project. That was especially true of my 2013 Book and I try to keep that in mind as I work on 2014.


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