Sunday, June 29, 2014

He Works Hard for the BBQ Sandwich


Todd has been cycling up a storm.  Photo above is last Sunday when he biked along the coast with his friend Steve.  Today he actually rode 60 miles, the longest ride before his Ironman 70.3 race in two weeks.

This one from June 1st, cycling past Moonlight Beach.


On 6/15 he rode past the hills about a mile from our house, where the Bernardo Fire from May charred the entire hillside.  Scary.


Remember my post about how Todd bought 4 pairs of shoes in one week?  These trail runners was one of the pairs.  On his first trail run the shoes got dirty already!


And quite possibly the best photo from recent memory… Todd’s dodgeball team at work.  They did not win the tournament… in fact they lost their first game.  But if looks counted, well, they should have been the dodgeball kings.


So all this exercising makes for a hungry boy!  On Friday 6/20, we headed down to Lemon Grove to try out Coop’s West Texas BBQ.  My friend Mariko and her hubby Ron loves Coop’s BBQ, it’s their favorite BBQ in San Diego.  So we thought it was a moral imperative to try it out.  Plus, we were going to a Poncho Sanchez concert nearby, so it was perfect timing!

Coop’s was not very big and not very assuming.  There were about 8 tables in the restaurant.

20140620-2014-06-20 19.01.05_blog

For the first time in my life, I had southern sweet tea!  And boy was it sweet!

20140620-2014-06-20 19.02.36_blog

Todd had the smoked brisket sandwich.  He liked it a lot!

20140620-2014-06-20 19.09.17_blog

20140620-2014-06-20 19.09.25_blog

I had the pork spareribs with collard greens and potato salad.  I really liked the smoky flavor of the meat.  There was 5-6 different BBQ sauces on the table and we tried most of them.  My favorite was one that was sweet and spicy.

20140620-2014-06-20 19.09.45_blog

After dinner, we headed to Jacobs Center to see Poncho Sanchez and his Latin jazz band.  This was actually our second time seeing him.  We saw Poncho Sanchez the first time at Anthology in 2011.  He is a multiple Grammy winner and lifetime Grammy award winner!

20140620-2014-06-20 20.29.43_blog

The music was great and high-energy.  Lots of people got up to dance on the two dance floors they set up.  We really enjoyed the music and atmosphere. 

You know what other concert we’re going to next weekend?  KISS and Def Leppard!  I can’t wait!

20140621-2014-06-21 10.43.00_blog

I made this shredded turkey avocado quesadilla at home for lunch last weekend and it was SO delicious!

20140619-2014-06-19 12.20.35_blog

On Friday night 6/27, AJ & Meera called to invite us last minute to have dinner with them at Rubios.  We love seeing them so of course we said yes!  So thankful for good friends.

20140627-2014-06-27 18.09.37_blog

Yesterday we had lunch at Karl Strauss.  Todd had just ran 10 miles at the lake in preparation for his upcoming triathlon.  So he was hungry!

20140628-2014-06-28 12.17.12_blog

We shared a turkey avocado bacon sandwich and a seared ahi salad.

20140628-2014-06-28 12.17.05_blog

Both were super-delicious!

20140628-2014-06-28 12.16.51_blog

Some Noodle cuteness.  Lately he’s taken to hanging out on the stairs.


He’s also loving the scratching cardboard box that Todd bought for him.  He’ll scratch it a little and then crawl into it, lol.

20140621-2014-06-21 18.24.17_blog

Laying on Todd while we watch TV.  Such silliness!

20140628-2014-06-28 21.29.03_blog

Noodle in a basket.

20140612-2014-06-12 21.56.54_blog

At the top of the stairs so he can check us out.


Life has been very busy and fun.  I’ll just warn you now that there are several back-to-back blog posts coming this week with lots of photos!  My May Project Life post will be on Thursday. 


  1. Wow DEF LEPPARD, I love them, enjoy their music!

  2. Southern sweet tea AND collards?? Sounds like someone is prepping for a visit down have two friends that would LOVE to see you! ( get the 'I'm more southern than you' award with the collards...they aren't my fave.) <3

    1. Be careful what you wish for! Todd wants to do the Krispy Kreme Challenge sometime!


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