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May 2014 Month-In-Review


I didn’t blog very much in May, so I thought I would do a month-in-review post to hit some of the highlights of the month.  The above photos were taken at different times by either me or Todd, while running or cycling.  San Diego is so beautiful to be active outside.


We made lots of good food at home.

1.  Kale, blackberry, and chicken salad.  2.  Coconut Curry Chicken Soup  3.  Sweet Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup  4.  Grilled Halibut with Bacony Corn Saute   5.  Seoulful Chicken with Minted Cucumbers  6.  Homemade double chocolate custard-based ice cream.


Lots of good crafting/scrapbooking stuff.

1.  My friend Lili Niclass sent me a package all the way from Japan, containing a bunch of stuff she designed (Project Life Kiwi Edition, stamp sets, and embellies for Freckled Fawn).  2.  I got a Canon Selphy CP910 printer so I could print & scrapbook while traveling.  3.  I organized all my punches and punched out each shape with white cardstock.  Then I put all the punched out shapes on a ring for reference.  4.  Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy, and Maggie Holmes 8.5x11 paper packs on sale at Michaels.  5.  Organizing photos and memorabilia in chronological order for Project Life.  6.  Working on Project Life.

I played around with my Selphy CP910 and was very happy with the photo quality after some adjustments.

20140507-2014-05-07 07.21.31-1_blog

We evacuated from a fire.

20140513-2014-05-13 15.29.39_blog

And after we got home and everyone and everything was safe and sound, Noodle was so happy & content to nap with his stuffed animals.

20140516-2014-05-16 19.14.03-2_blog

We drove up to LA and spent a Saturday with my dad & Shelly.



My dad’s backyard is full of flowers and fruit trees.  So pretty.


We went to the Japanese dollar store Daiso.

20140510-2014-05-10 14.32.24_blog

Lots of cute little Japanese stationary stuff there.

20140510-2014-05-10 14.38.50_blog

I scrapbooked with friends on National Scrapbook Day.


I came up with a plan and scrapbooked pages for my Maui vacation album.

20140529-2014-05-29 16.20.16_blog

Noodle gave me a card on Mother’s Day.

20140511-2014-05-11 18.30.24_blog

I had lunch with the girls at work.  Even though the photo is terrible, the memories are great.

20140512-2014-05-12 12.38.12_blog

Todd played a 1,000 piece puzzle.


We went on a 5-day trip to Monterey/Carmel.  We ate lots of good stuff there.


We stayed at the Spanish Inn on Pebble Beach’s famed 17-Mile Drive.

20140518-2014-05-18 07.47.33-1_blog

We woke up every morning to ocean views.

20140518-2014-05-18 07.06.53_blog

We ran every morning on the trails along the coast.


20140520-2014-05-20 08.56.27_blog

20140518-2014-05-18 08.02.37_blog

20140518-2014-05-18 08.23.58_blog

One morning I even came upon three deers on the trail, crossing from the rocks on the beach to the other side of the road!

20140518-2014-05-18 08.21.31_blog

I brought my Canon Selphy printer and a bunch of scrapbooking supplies.  I printed out some photos from my iPhone.

20140518-2014-05-18 17.25.58_blog

And from my iPad and my SD card on my big camera.  They all turned out great.

20140518-2014-05-18 17.37.33-1_blog

But alas, I never got around to actually scrapbook them, lol.

Todd played music and sang with his parents at a reception for a conference at the Spanish Inn.  (That’s the main reason we were there, but we made a trip out of it.)



Todd sang Jack Johnson’s “Flake”.


We went on the famed 17-Mile Drive and saw fantastic scenery.

20140519-2014-05-19 12.34.47_blog

The Lone Cypress.

20140519-2014-05-19 13.00.28-1_blog

The 18th hole at Pebble Beach golf course, quite possibly the world’s most famous golf course.

20140519-2014-05-19 16.44.16-1_blog

20140519-2014-05-19 16.45.47-2_blog

Drinks & chatting at the The Lodge at Pebble Beach.

20140519-2014-05-19 17.24.36_blog

We walked and window-shopped in the little town of Carmel-By-The-Sea (where Clint Eastwood used to be mayor.)


20140520-2014-05-20 15.19.52_blog

The trip was fun but it was good to be back home afterwards.  After all, we missed Noodle!


We had breakfast at Snooze.

20140525-2014-05-25 07.54.07_blog

Todd got a bike rack for the roof of his car.

20140525-2014-05-25 11.08.40_blog

Todd biked with friends.


And he biked to work on National Bike To Work Day (delayed in San Diego due to the wildfires).


I ran and walked 32 miles in May, which is my biggest month in over a year!

20140531-2014-05-31 10.53.50_blog

I hooked up my old Canon Pixma MP620 upstairs in the craft room and got it to work.  Now I can print digital and Silhouette printables right from my craft room.

20140525-2014-05-25 16.42.40_blog

So I cut some print & cut labels immediately.

20140525-2014-05-25 16.53.35-2_blog

And gave my Silhouette a workout by cutting a bunch of tags. 

20140531-2014-05-31 16.57.01-2_blog

Oh, we made homemade chocolate ice cream for the first time this year during Memorial weekend.

20140525-2014-05-25 20.28.46_blog

SO good!

20140525-2014-05-25 20.28.55-1_blog

We had dinner + movie with Dejah & Roby.  They came over for dinner and Todd made Spring Vegetable Pasta.

20140526-2014-05-26 18.11.20_blog

20140526-2014-05-26 18.11.36_blog

After dinner we watched the movie “A Prairie Home Companion”. 

This past week I got my braces adjusted and now I have to wear rubber bands.  It hurt so bad the first two days, I could hardly think.  We went to Liang’s Kitchen for some wonton soup because soup is my friend and I love Chinese comfort food.

20140531-2014-05-31 13.21.31_blog

That’s it for May.  Sorry for the amount of photos.  That’s kind of what happens when I didn’t blog very much in May.  Now June is here and I’m looking forward to it!


  1. Thanks for sharing your May pics. Looks like you had a great time in Carmel. You are definitely making me hungry with all the food photos. I am craving wonton soup now.

  2. Your posts, showing a nice slice of life in southern California, always make me smile . Looks like you had a great month.

  3. That Pebble Beach resort looks amazing.

  4. Christine, Such good stuff you were doing this month and getting all that scrapbooking done is amazing. Wish I had run into you in Carmel (that is where I work). Where did you eat while you were here? And I love Noodle with the stuffed animals. You can tell he was contented. Onward to June.


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