Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freebie | DIY Japanese Tape Pattern Printable


The other day I googled “DIY Japanese Washi Tape” or something like that and came upon a blog called “Good Look Cookbook | DIY Graphic Design Recipes”.  They have a DIY tutorial called “Last Minute Japanese Tape”.  I was intrigued and read it.  Then I was very excited to give it a try.

I went to several office stores looking for Avery 5167 Return Address Labels.  Unfortunately, they were sold in packs of 100 sheets, costing over $30.  I don’t need that many!  Target to the rescue!  I went there and found Avery 8867 labels (equivalent to Avery 5167) in 12 sheet packages for under $5. 

I downloaded the Avery Return Address Label template for Adobe Illustrator off their website.  Then I opened up Illustrator and used some of the patterns that I had created for my digital scrapbooking kit “Just The Way You Are”, because I thought those patterns would make lovely tape.  I followed the instructions from the Good Look Cookbook and in just a few minutes, I had my tape designs ready to print!  I put a sheet of my Avery 8867 labels into the rear tray of my printer.  Then I hit print from Illustrator and instructed it to source the paper from the rear tray.  Out came this crafty goodness full of possibilities!


You can use it for gift-wrapping, scrapbooking, cardmaking, or anything that requires pretty tape!

I used the blue and yellow striped tape here in my SMASH book page.
You can rip the ends to make it look more like washi tape.  Or use pinking scissors on the ends.  I just love all the possibilities!

I saved my pattern into a PDF file so that you can print it out onto Avery return address labels and have your own tape too!  You can download it here.  Please remember that it’s for personal use only, so please don’t sell the digital PDF itself or sell the printed stickers you make with it.  If you download, please leave a comment because I really do love to hear from you.  Happy taping!  :)

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