Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Days of Lists | Day 16: Dream Jobs

I can honestly say that I do enjoy my job and have been at an accounting /finance type of job for 18 years.  I don’t plan to change that any time soon.  So while some of these jobs would be kind of fun, I don’t REALLY have any dream jobs that would make me quit my current job.  There are some jobs that would seem like a fantasy job, but if I have to deal with a lot of people, I wouldn’t like it.  I love numbers.  I don’t love dealing with people in general!  And I’m a realist.  So I don’t tend to fantasize about dream jobs.  Having said that, these jobs might be fun.

30 Days of Lists | Day 16:  Dream Jobs

  • Brad Pitt’s personal assistant
  • Novelist who works from a beach home
  • Architect
  • Interior designer
  • Food critic
  • Movie critic
  • Hawaii tour guide
  • Travel guidebook writer
  • Professional photographer (who only deal with nice and reasonable people)
  • Librarian
  • Beachside hot dog vendor
  • Professional shopper
  • Chocolate quality control (taster)
  • Ice cream quality control
  • Museum curator
  • Writing instrument tester
  • Graphic designer

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