Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catching Up | Thai Food, Harriers, and Turkey Soup

September 7th | Siam Nara with Lara & Sally

Back on Wednesday 9/7, I had dinner with my good friends Lara & Sally at Siam Nara.  I’ve been friends with them since 7th grade, so it is always such a pleasure to get together and stay in touch. 

Lara had salmon fried rice and it was delicious.  How do I know?  She let me have a bite, LOL.

Sally had roasted duck with spinach noodles.  She liked it a lot.  I didn’t take any bites.

I had the Siam Nara Noodles, which was sort of like hot & sour soup with ground pork, fish balls, tofu, cilantro, green onions, and egg noodles.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would get it again and again!

Such a blessing to still hang out with my friends from back in junior high!

September 12th | Todd got named by the Hash House Harriers

Todd ran his 6th run with the San Diego Hash House Harriers on Monday last week.  This means that he got “named” in a “naming ceremony”.  It involved beer.  Todd hates beer so that part was gross, but he likes running with the Hash House Harriers well enough.  You can read his account here on his blog.

Week of Sept 11 | Lots of Cooking

We cooked at home all week last week.  On Sunday night we made chicken tacos with homemade pico de gallo and guacamole, and it was so awesome that I couldn’t stop eating. 

Tuesday Todd made Fusilli with Green Sauce, except we added sausages.  I don’t have any photos and there’s no link to the recipe available online.   :(  It’s excellent though!

Wednesday Todd made Broiled Salmon with Roasted Tomato Sauce and that was super-delicious.  Again I don’t have photos, but the recipe is linked above. 

Thursday Todd made Turkey & Potato Soup with Canadian Bacon.
Aha, a photo!  This was made in a dutch oven with roasted turkey purchased from the grocery store.  Yummy!  Noodle got to have some roasted turkey, his favorite!  You can find the recipe here.


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