Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 Days of Lists | Day 28 & 29

Almost wrapping up with 30 Days of Lists for September!  I’m really happy I did it, but I’ll also be ready to move on to October and be done!

30 Days of Lists | Day 28:  If I Ruled The World

  • Everyone would go by their childhood nicknames.
  • There would be singing in the office.  Singing is my favorite.
  • There would be International Elf Day, where everyone would watch the movie Elf at the same time.
  • There would be real justice in everything.
  • Everything would be fair.  Nobody could claim something is not fair.
  • We would only do things that we love and get paid for it.
  • No more taxes.  I guess the government would magically have money.
  • No more gambling or casinos.


30 Days of Lists | Day 29:  Things That Were Awesome About This Month

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  1. I think completing a list a day for one month, is a good accomplishment as well! Your lists are always so well thought out.


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