Monday, September 19, 2011

Dinner with Faux Foes

On Saturday evening, we headed to Dejah & Roby’s for dinner.  They invited us over to their place for dinner and to watch the Ohio State vs Miami football game.  They went to the University of Miami for college, and we went to Ohio State, so we were foes for the day!  However, since they’re good friends, I guess you could say they were faux foes for the evening.  Heh.

We mostly rested and took naps in the afternoon after Todd’s triathlon.  However, Todd made what I referred to as “Magic Blueberry Cobbler”.  It’s magic mainly because I fell asleep on the couch while he was making it, so it seemed to me that the cobbler magically appeared out of nowhere!

That looks good huh?  It was delicious.  The recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen, but it’s not available online.  :(  We have the cookbook.

On the way to Dejah & Roby’s, we picked up ice cream from the grocery store so we could eat it with our blueberry cobbler. 

Dejah made a delicious meal of turkey lettuce wraps, and Roby picked out a chardonnay wine to match.



They found purple carrots at Chino Farm in Rancho Santa Fe.  I’m dying to go over there to buy some produce! 

Dessert was unbelievable.  In fact, Todd, Dejah, and Roby had another round of dessert after the football game, LOL. 

Our faux foes, wearing their Miami Hurricane gear.  Sigh.

I wore my Ohio State “Jim Tressel” sweater vest.  Todd decided to go with his triathlon shirt instead.  This may very well be the reason that Ohio State lost the game!

After dinner and dessert we headed to the couch to watch the game.  It was not good for Ohio State fans.  As a result of the loss, Ohio State is unranked for the first time since 2004.  I knew this year would be a “rebuilding year” but it’s still a little sad.  I know, Buckeye fans have been so spoiled.  We had so much fun with our faux foes Dejah & Roby though.  Who were very gracious hosts even though Ohio State lost.  Longtime reader of this blog may recall that last year Miami played at Ohio State and Dejah & Roby came over to our house to watch the game and have a meal.  This completes our “cultural” exchange, ha ha!

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  1. Love the Tressel vest, hopefully it will keep some hope alive!!


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