Monday, March 8, 2010

Feelin' Lucky

It has been raining or cloudy here for the last few days. I decided to brighten things up a bit today, so I wore this to work.


I found the socks at Target on Saturday on clearance for under $2 (super soft & cushy angora socks!). The shoes are also from Target but go way back a few years. The green, yellow, and pink cheered me up!

I only have one new product tomorrow at both my stores, so I won't be sending a newsletter out this week.

Feelin' Lucky Alphabet (LGD/LDD)

It's 20% off for Tuesday only!
And for my blog readers, you can use the code GOGREEN at my Little Dreamer Designs store for another 10% off on Feelin' Lucky Alphabet. :)

I signed up for a Twitter account! If you want, you can follow me here. I plan to tweet exclusive giveaways and coupons there sometimes. So look for it!

Look for a special newsletter next Monday from me!  


  1. very fun socks!! and I LOVE that alpha...and now, I am going to have to sign up for twitter! :)

  2. okay, I am leaving you another comment to tell you that I tagged you on my blog--don't hate me and don't feel like you have to play! :)

  3. funny socks - love fresh colours in these grey German days! Great new alpha


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