Friday, March 5, 2010

That Little Bird

I meant to post this last night, but I got hit with a sudden tension headache that took me down for the night.

Did you all see that One Little Bird (Peppermint) was featured on The Daily Digi yesterday?  She contributed a beautiful kit called "For The Birds" to The Digi Files #15.  It really is a beauty!

So make sure you stop by The Daily Digi and pick up this One Little Bird kit plus six other full products for only $5! One of the best deals in digi-land, I tell ya!

That same One Little Bird also has a fantastic new kit out today called Spring Rain.

I'll refer you to her blog for the story about how the kit came about. PLUS there is a special coupon over there too that you can use to save 20% off on everything in her store!  Everything!

Here's my layout made with Peppermint's new kit Spring Rain.

I was looking forward to the weekend, but then I realized that I have to do our taxes. :-| Plus, it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. I hope we can squeeze our running in in the morning before it really starts to rain hard.


  1. ooo...I love her spring kit! You did a great job on the layout.

    I have to wait a couple of weeks, but her kit in the digi files is the reason I'm buying this month. (to be honest, I've only missed one month of digi files...but I was planning on taking a break this month...until I saw Peppermint's kit. So, I'll take a break next month!)

    Sorry you have to do taxes. I'm sorry any of us have to do taxes..hahahahaha

  2. I've seen Krystal Hartley's kit too! So between these two kits alone, it's worth buying!

  3. Thanks for the reminder on the Daily Digi kt--I usually do get it and this kit definately makes it worth it for me. Beautiful. Not thanking you for the reminder about doing the taxes--I need to get that done too, hopefully next week when kids are in school.

  4. I just finished my taxes today. UGH but I'm getting a refund. Hooray.

    Is this a new picture of you and Todd? It's adorable. I love it. Is it perhaps from that photo shoot? You guys are just so darn cute. I hardly noticed the LO I focused right on that picture.

  5. Christi - it is a new photo from THAT photo shoot. But let me tell you that there were only a handful of photos that turned out well from the shoot. Some of the photos we received from the photographers were really bad (bad lighting, bad composition, bad processing, etc.) So obviously I'm only using the ones that turned out fairly good, LOL.

  6. Sorry about the headache, hope you are feeling better now, even though you had to do the taxes.

    The spring rain kit is just adorable! I just hope it will be any spring this year to use it on. :P If this winter continue we'll have summer right away when it gets warmer. Lovely LO you've made too!

  7. The Daily Digi is fantastic - always great stuff for a low price!


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