Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Bowl

Todd's company has some sort of tie-in with the Holiday Bowl, so we get free tickets every year to go. This year it's the Oregon Ducks vs Oklahoma State Cowboys. So yesterday we both left work a little bit earlier and drove down to Qualcomm Stadium (again!). But this time there was hardly any traffic driving in, and we were able to find a good parking space in the D3 section (and only $15 this time) and walk over to where Todd's work friends were tailgating. It was nice to meet them, and his company was sponsoring the tailgating. So I got to eat some chips and dip, and they grilled sausages and hamburgers, although I didn't have any, because I was saving myself for the nachos inside the stadium. We got inside the stadium a couple of minutes before the game started. This time we were well-prepared with our scarves, blanket, and gloves! Every year we go to the Holiday Bowl and every year we sit there freezing our ass off because we forget to bundle up. San Diego can get chilly at night. Before we went to our seats, we stopped by the concession stand, where there was NO line, and got my nachos and Todd's popcorn, plus a Pepsi. My nachos turned out not so good! I was disappointed in the chips. They were too thick and not to my liking. So I only ate some (where the cheesy parts were, ha ha). We sat next to Gilbert (Anne's husband) and had a fun time chatting with him. I wanted to talk to Anne about running though, so I'll wait until next time, or email her. Photobucket Photobucket We stayed for the first half, including the halftime show with fireworks, and left after that. Glad the Ducks ended up winning.


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