Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workspace Wednesday | Project Life Journal Cards


I’m playing along with Workspace Wednesday this week.  I don’t know the exact origin of Workspace Wednesday, but if you search #workspacewednesday on social media, you will find lots of photos of people’s workspace and tabletops.  Marcy Penner does it on her blog, as does Ann Marie Espinoza.  My friend Melissa (Scrappy Jedi) also does Workspace Wednesday posts and I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit! 

Today I’ll show you how I changed the way I organize my Project Life journal cards.  To me, organization is all about ease of usage and functionality.  I had been keeping all my Project Life core kits and mini kits in their original boxes in one of my cubicles in my DIY Craft Island


As you can see, it was difficult to see what I had and pick cards to use in my Project Life album!  I saw how Barb Picinich organized her Studio Calico Project Life kit cards, and a wheel turned in my head.  I wanted to get those clear bins that she has.  But I already had these Sterilite stacking containers that I bought in bulk of 6 from Target.  I had two of them still empty, so I decided to use these instead, since the dimensions seem to suggest that this would work! 

The way I decided to organize the journal cards was to keep the cards from the same kit together.  Within the kits, I organized them by color. 


I’ve seen other people organize their journal cards by breaking them apart from the kits and just organizing them by color.  That’s not the way my brain works, lol.  I have limited scrapbooking time and I love to work from kits, even with Project Life.  I trust that the designers of the kits know a thing or two about color & design, and I like being able to pull different cards from the same kit and have it look pulled-together on my Project Life page.  I don’t want to spend time trying to figure out if this aqua color in this kit goes with this coral color from this other kit.  I just want to pick a kit or two and get to work!  This exact same mentality is true for scrapping paper 12x12 or 8.5x11 pages for me.  I usually work from a kit or a collection, because I already KNOW everything will go well together.  This is even true for digital scrapbooking.  I tend to be a “one-kit scrapper” when it comes to digital as well.  This is me.  This is how my brain works.  So therefore, this is how I should organize my stuff!  :)

I filled two of these baskets with my Project Life journal cards.  Now it will be very easy to flip through them and pick what I want to use!  The baskets have flip-down ledges so that they are stackable.  You can see I did that on the basket on the right.


Here they are, stacked together in my cubicle.



I tried fitting these containers side-by-side into my Raskog cart, but alas they are just slightly too wide to fit both onto a tier of the cart.  I feel great having them stacked in my DIY craft island cubicle though.  When I work on my Project Life pages, I can simply pull out the baskets and set them onto my big work table. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at my journal card organization.  I won’t be having a Workspace Wednesday post every Wednesday, but definitely on a regular basis as I organize my way around my craft studio. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, always love your workspace ideas. I'm more of a "one kit scrapper" too so this approach really speaks to me.

  2. Love your bins and love that they have lids and can stack! Isn't it so much easier to find things now.

  3. great idea! love your use of the bins!

  4. If I was still scrapping the paper way...this would be perfect way to organize Project Life. I love being able to "see" what I have too!! I like how neat and stackable the bins are and the fact that the journal cards have the index you can flip right to the section/color you want...and that was a great idea to separate them by colors but leave them in the original kits...Looks great!!

  5. I don't have all that many collections of the PL journaling cards but what I do have are in their original boxes. I think that is part of the reason I am not so motivated - because I have to take everything out to do my PL. Question. . . did you save and store your original boxes some place?

    1. I only saved the boxes that still had some journal cards in it. I couldn't fit all my PL core kits into my bins if I put it all in them. I only put about half of my core kits in there. I plan to refill them if I run out of a design.


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