Friday, February 7, 2014

Around Here


Around here |  I printed out photos for Project Life for the 2nd half of January.  I also printed out some digital goodies from One Little Bird’s digital kit “Positive Spin” and journal cards, for use in my Project Life pages.  I’m in love with the cassette tapes.

2014-02-04 23.01.04-2_blog


Around here | Todd celebrated a birthday.  The birthday boy got a fitting breakfast and we went out to dinner at Buona Forchetta for his favorite pizza.





Around here | I celebrated Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse) by going out to dim sum lunch at Pearl with some work friends.  There were dragon dances and we fed the dragon red envelopes for good luck. 



Around here | Last Saturday we went to the Little Italy Mercado (farmer’s market).  It was a glorious blue-skied sunny day.  At the market you could see all the way to the nearby ocean.  There was lots to see and we purchased some awesome veggies to cook this week.

2014-02-01 10.19.56_blog


2014-02-01 10.26.40_blog


We had lunch at Mama’s Lebanese Deli afterwards.  Yum.


We also stopped by Blick Art nearby, where I purchased some art & calligraphy supplies.  So excited to use them!



Around here | We also hibernated and relaxed.  Sometimes the best part about weekend mornings is just laying around the couch and reading blogs on Feedly on my iPad. 

2014-02-01 08.11.23_blog

And watching the three episodes of Sherlock Season 3.  So fantastic!


Apparently, Noodle feels the same way about hibernating.  Except he likes to sit on Todd’s lap and snooze and purr.  And watch Sherlock and the Super Bowl.





Around here | We cooked lots of delicious food.  Most of which I have to cut into little pieces so I can eat with my new braces on. 

Turkey Piccata (we made it with chicken) + sauteed Chinese broccoli

2014-02-03 18.19.29_blog

Had to cut it all up at work for lunch the next day, so I could eat it with braces on without looking like a savage.

2014-02-04 13.30.54_blog

Creamy Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup


Thai Grilled Beef Salad – took me forever to eat it, but so good.

2014-02-06 18.35.00_blog

And lastly…

Around here | We watched Jay Leno’s last Tonight Show.  The show is moving from Burbank to NYC.  While I’m excited to see it with Jimmy Fallon, I feel nostalgic.  Definitely an end to an era.  I had to dig out our photo from Nov. 12, 1997 when we went to the Tonight Show at NBC Studios in Burbank.  The guests that night were Tim Russert and Matt LeBlanc.  We were still living in Ohio, but visiting my parents in LA and friends in San Diego.  Little did we know two years later we would move here.

2014-02-06 18.26.46_blog

2014-02-06 18.30.36-2_blog

Around here | After a full week of work, I’m glad it’s the weekend again.


  1. That was even more fun than a normal week. Let's eat some extra carrots in honor of the year of the horse.

  2. Oh my goodness! Y'all look like little kids in that pic from 1997. How fun that you were able to find the pic & ticket. :)

  3. Don't you just LOVE Sherlock??? I think it's one of the most well written TV shows I've ever seen! Can't wait until December. OH MY..the food photos! And sweet him.

  4. Ahhh, you two do live the life. What a great week! Can't wait to see what you will do with your calligraphy supplies - you will have to post pics!


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