Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014 Month-In-Review


Photos taken:  292

Hours spent exercising:  8 hours 23 min

Workouts:  running, walking, P90X Plyometrics, weights, T25 Alpha Abs, 30 Day Shred

Pounds lost:  2.4

Books read:  reading "Radar, Hula Hoops, and Playful Pigs: 67 Digestible Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life" by Joe Schwarcz  

Movies seen:  500 Days of Summer, Iron Man 2 (again)

TV watched:  Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Revenge, Sherlock, Buckeye basketball, Chargers playoff games, The Mentalist, Agents of Shield, 49ers playoff games, Diners Drive-Ins & Dives, CBS Sunday Morning, SNL, 

Places ate at:  Pattaya, Bad Ass Coffee, Bongiornos, Burger Lounge, Fresco, Punjabi Tandoor, Santouka, Karl Strauss, Donut Touch, Chipotle, Ortegas, Kebab Shop, China Max, In-N-Out Burger, Panera, Pearl.

Cooked:  Broccoli Slaw with Roasted Chicken, Tilapia Tacos w/ Tomatillo Sauce, Greek Cod Cakes, Halibut w/ Bacony Corn, Chicken Soup with Cabbage & Apple, Winter Potage, Tuscan Potato Soup, White Bean Chicken Chili, Roasted Salmon in Tomato Sauce, Thai Style Chicken w/ Basil.

Socialized:  dinner @ Fred & Annie's, Dejah & Roby's wedding shower, met up with Peppermint, Liz, & Kami @ Santouka, lunch with AJ & Meera @ Chipotle, lunch with Julio @ Ortegas, dinner with Dejah & Roby @ China Max, Lunar New Year lunch with work friends @ Pearl.

Out & About:  Prairie Home Companion @ Civic Theater

Crafty/Bloggy things:  Made a 2014 Goals list, blogged 2013 Year-In-Review, blogged "Books I Read in 2013", Project Life title page + pages for January, cleaned up craft room, finished craft table edges, transferred Silhouette library to my laptop for using in craft room.

Significant events:  got braces, started Weight Watchers online again, found out Noodle shouldn't eat chives, got new laptop at work, started journaling in the metadata of photos in Lightroom, Todd gave a speech at Dejah & Roby's wedding shower, did 2013 household spending analysis,  Subaru got new brakes, signed up for Hot Chocolate 15K Run in March, booked our next trip to Hawaii in 2015, did a ton of house-cleaning, Sat night church, set up Lightroom to auto-import phone photos from the Dropbox Camera Uploads folder, Todd started playing piano with his work's chamber music club, Todd is a Charter Board Member and President of the new Toastmasters Club at work.


Month-In-Review is a continuing series on my blog.  You can see all the posts here.


  1. Wow! Love seeing your month in review!! It's amazing that you've kept track of all that you did. Very cool to document all the things...big AND small of your life!

  2. I love how you keep track of all of this info each month. I may begin doing this if I can figure out all that happened in January. I think we lead a boring life compared to you and Todd.

    1. Our lives are pretty boring too. We just find ways to celebrate the small things, lol. We both work on weekdays so nothing really happens then.


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