Sunday, February 16, 2014

Padres Fanfest + A Cat Circus


Last Saturday (2/8) we met up with our good friends AJ & Meera downtown at Petco Park for the Padres Fanfest.  Baseball season is almost here!

We got to walk around the whole stadium and look at it from different seats.  We took lots of photos, and generally had a great time.  We could have stood in line for a long time to tour the locker room and clubhouse, but we opted to just hang out.


It was a really gorgeous day, if you couldn’t tell by the blue skies and tshirts.  :)


AJ took this photo of us on top of the visitor dugout.  It’s my fave.


We walked around with AJ to find some lunch at the stadium.  Unfortunately, Phil’s BBQ stand was not open.


The boys in front of the stadium.


We finally settled for a stadium cheeseburger for me and a pulled pork sandwich for Todd.  For a $12 burger it really sucked, lol.  The patty tasted like a frozen burger thawed and grilled.  The cheese wasn’t even melted.  And the bun?  It’s like a bun from a pack of grocery store buns.  Yuck. Todd’s pulled pork sandwich was slightly better.

The small boys really enjoyed clinging onto Uncle Todd.


We even got a photo with the Padres mascot, the Friar!


Makes me want to go back to Arizona for Spring Training again.

After the Padres Fanfest, we drove a few blocks to see a cat circus.  We had seen an ad for the touring Acrocats at the Victory Theater a while back.  I’ve always wanted to see a cat circus, so we got tickets right away, lol. 

When we got there the cat bus was parked out front. 


There must have been about 16 cat performers in the cat circus.  They each had specialties.  They stayed in their respective cages until the door opened for them to come out.  They each performed their tricks and then a whistle would blow and they would go straight back into the cage.  Very well-trained.  Once in a while a cat would dart out into the audience to explore, lol.  The stage was set up like this.


The show started with some other animals, such as this ground hog.


And this chicken.


This cat is number one!


Pushing a cart.


Jumping through hoops.


And walking on barrels & balls.



They made cat training look easy.  And we all know that it’s not, ha ha!  The cat circus was very entertaining and well worth-it.  The finale was the Rockcats.  A band of three cats and a cymbal/tambourine playing chicken.  Hilarious!

2014-02-08 16.06.25-1_blog

We had a lot of fun both at the Padres Fanfest with AJ & Meera and at the cat circus.  It was quite a day!


  1. Omg a cat circus!!! So fun. I need to see if they have those in FL :) It reminds me of the animal acts at Busch Gardens.

  2. Cat Circus? Never heard of one until now! That's pretty interesting! LOL! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  3. That cat circus is adorable!!

  4. Cat my fave photo...Meera holding her precious baby!!! Looks like it was a great day!

  5. I can't believe you went to the cat circus! I was teasing my friend Tara about it because she used to have 13 cats growing up. Yes, 13 not a typo!!


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