Tuesday, December 11, 2012

They Throw A Good Party

On Saturday night, Todd’s company had their annual holiday party at Anthology. We already love going to dinner concerts at Anthology. We’ve seen Pancho Sanchez, Fourplay, Stanley Jordan, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, and Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band there. This time Todd’s company took over the venue and had their Christmas party there. We knew it was going to rock!

We walked into the ground floor and they had a raw bar all set up.

Huge shrimps abound.

As well as king crab legs and oysters.

We went to the 3rd floor balcony to participate in flipbook-making. In the past the parties have always had a fun photobooth with hats and costumes. This year we made flip books! We took photos of our friends Dejah, Roby, Molly, and Preston doing their flip book filming.

Then we got some food from the buffet. I got a spinach quinoa salad, a beef short-rib slider, and they had a mashed potato bar with toppings. Everything was yummy.

The band was awesome. They played music from the 1940’s to 1990’s. Lots of different music.

Our friends Shannon & Ryan (who were at our Elf Party the week before).

Molly and Preston.

Todd and me.

The newly engaged Dejah and Roby.

Ryan and Darissa.

And our friend Maria (Food Club!). The CEO of the company crashed our photo!

To end the night, we had dessert on the 3rd floor balcony. They had liquid nitrogen ice cream! The ice cream was made right there with liquid nitrogen. Immediate ice cream is so cool. They had a toppings bar too.

As usual, they spared no expenses and the party was super-fun. Last year we missed it because we were in Hawaii. Glad we could participate this year.

Each person who went to the party got a $10 iTunes card. Todd won a raffle for an iPod Nano. And we have our flip book too.

I must say, the flip book party favor is awesome.


  1. Looks like another fabulous party!!!

  2. So...evidently the West Coast Christmas parties are a lot more fun than the East Coast. Seriously..it's like something out of a movie! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. That looks like the ultimate holiday party, with amazing food! It sounds a lot fancier than some weddings I've been too. I love the flip book idea and congrats to Todd. Sounds like he was a big winner :) I've yet to own an i-anything. BUT that's about to change, I'm getting an iphone for Christmas. VERY excited, my first smartphone.

  4. I love 'Darissa's' hair! I don't know her at all but let her know I'm jealouse of how beautiful it is! From one curly haired girl to the other! Looks like you had a fun filled evening!


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