Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Top 10 Posts at

As you know by my site’s name, I love to make lists. I get excited at the end of every year when magazines and online sources put out their Top {Insert Number} Lists of the year, covering everything from books, music, photos, restaurants, etc. So, this year I decided to make some Top 10 {12, 15, etc.} lists of my own.

I took a look at Google Analytics for’s site statistics for 2012. I don’t look at my blog stats too often, maybe once every couple of months. But at year-end it’s interesting to see which posts had the most audience. So here is the list! Some of these were not written in 2012, but still made it as Top 10 in 2012.

Top 10 Posts at for 2012:

  1. The whole category of Project Life posts

    – I did about half a year of Project Life in 2011 and another half a year of Project Life in 2012. The link that goes to all my Project Life posts was the top viewed page on my blog for 2012.
    {A quick update on the status of Project Life in my life: I still love it but have been too busy to do it the last couple of months. I am doing a holiday album for December. I will be starting Project Life again in January 2013.}
  2. Tutorial | Printing Onto Project Life Journal Cards

    – this tutorial shows you how to print journaling onto Project Life journal cards.
  3. Freebie | DIY Japanese Tape Pattern Printable

    – an easy way to make your own patterned tapes at home.
  4. New 52 | Week 21: New DIY Craft Island

    – how I set up my craft table with built-in storage for only around $170.
  5. Mini Book | Love You

    – I shared my process of making an “I Love You” mini book as an anniversary gift for Todd.
  6. 2012 Project Life | Week 5

    – somehow this particular Project Life post gained a lot of traction.
  7. Project Life | 2012 Title Page + Process

    – I shared my process of making my Project Life title page.
  8. 8x8 Recipe Book Template Giveaway

    – this post is from 2010 and still continue to get a lot of page views. I shared my process of making a recipe photo book to give to family and friends. I also share a free download of the Photoshop templates that I created to make the recipe book.

  9. Project Life | Assembly Line Process

    – I shared my process of making batches of journal cards for Project Life all at once, so that they are ready to be used when I go work on my album.
  10. My “About Me” page

    – I update this page periodically. When visitors come to my blog for the first time, they sometimes click on the About Me tab at the top out of curiosity. This page is my bio that pretty much describes who I am, what I do, and all that I love.

That’s the Top 10 most visited pages on my blog for 2012! I’m excited for 2013 at I hope you will stop by periodically and say hi!


  1. Hahaha, how coincidental that your "about me" page makes the top 10 of your blog stats for 2012 ... I actually clicked on it this very morning!!! The reason was because I've mentioned your inspirational blog in one of my own blog posts and wanted to make sure I'd credited your name correctly ... which, btw, I had!!!

  2. Great grouping of posts!

  3. Great round up but how awesome is #2!!!!! Thanks for doing this I just started following your post for a few months.

  4. I like the more "everyday" posts even better! :)


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